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ITTL, what would be known IOTL as the 9/11 attacks were a more ambitious plan, which included not just USA, but several targets in Western Europe. The National Front electricity physics khan academy won the 2002 French presidential elections and Haider pecame president of Austria, and in the subsequent years, the EU became dominated for the most part by right-wing populist parties with a strong islamophobic discourse. Icreased tensions with inmigrants and disaffection towards traditional parties after the 2010 recession only turned Europe further to the right. Finally, by the late 2020’s, the European parliament had become dominated by a coalition devoted to a complete renewal of the EU institutions: stressing the Christian roots of Europe and turning it into a supranational intelligence and police force with extraordinary powers to stop gas variables pogil extension questions the islamist menace by any means neccesary; paying an agressive lip service to national sovereignity of its members, but setting a fixed, powerful transnational presidency. The European Front was born in 2027 under the guidance of an increasingly popular rising star of politics, a man called Anders Breivik.

Decades passed, and Europe became a paranoid, confessional electricity 4th grade powerpoint, dictatorial monitorized fortress, while ultra-orthodox far-rightists inspired by Breivik’s works and speeches had gained power after the vacuum left by Medvedev’s death. Disappearances, mandatory natalist policies and death camps for people of suspected Arab origin and cultural Marxists (an umbrella term originated from a disingenuous, conspirationist and very poor interpretation of the Frankfurt School, that ended up meaning anyone to the left of Attila the Hun) were the norm, and the average European citizen lived virtually disconnected from the grade 6 electricity experiments outside world. Islam was still presented as a world threat, people having no means to know that a secular wave brought by a growing bourgoisie and disaffection with cronyism and corruption, had swept the islamic world during the 2040’s.

But that disconection created capricious resistance strategies gas x side effects. Between those who still challenged the European regime, Islam started to become a symbol of everything that Europe wasn’t. It was in the early 2060’s that Magdalena Frankowska, under the pseudonym of Aisha Tamaste, clandestinely started to print her Towards a Spiritual Regeneration of Europe. She indeed praised the reviled Islam as a means of resistance, but it was a quite heretic version of it: Allah was conceived in a almost pantheistic fashion, almost as if Unitarian t gasthuys Universalism had an Islamic origin. It was virtually impossible to get a Qur’an in the European Front, but she managed to divulge the fragments of it that stressed inclussion, mercy and social justice. In one thing she presented it as the official propaganda: it had to take over europe by means of Jihad. For those born after the formation of the EF, her work soon became the spark of a countercultural movement first, and of a full insurrection later.

It’s 2100 now, and having the enemy at home, the EF has started to adopt totalitarian tones, with DNA and neuronal monitoring gas prices going up, state-bred political death squadrons, compulsory religious attendance and border gsa 2016 guarded by robot hovercrafts with mounted machine guns. The Caliphate of Eurabia, with a Caliph elected each 6 months by the Ummah by electronic voting, is a bastion of progressivism and religious tolerance, a flamboyant place of sensual, islamic-inspired art, culture and architecture. It is definitely seen with an uncomfortable astonishment in countries of more orthodox Islamic denominations. Fortunately, unlike in Russia and the EF, most people there react to heresy with a shrug.

So this map is basically the State of Israel from an Alternate gas quality Timeline; the main PoD is that the British don’t limit Jewish immigration into Palestine, and instead push them with greater zeal than before. Throughout the 1930s, it becomes a prime destination for German and Austrian Jews fleeing Nazi persecution. Later, others (like Anne Frank and her family; ITTL the family fled to France and later Britain before moving to Israel after the war) fled the advancing Nazi armies to Palestine, so that by the time the war ends (in 1945; as IOTL) Mandatory Palestine is around 60-70% Jewish.

This comes as an advantage during the Arab-Israeli War of 1948, the Israeli’s larger (at least than IOTL shell gas credit card 5) army, as well as general incompetence on the part of the Jordanians and Syrians*, led Israel to seize all of Mandatory Palestine, as well as a large part of Transjordan and the Golan Heights. As a result of the Jordanian defeat, the rest of Jordan merged with Hedjaz (ITTL Hedjaz never merged with Nejd (because of British influence) to form Saudi Arabia) to form the Union of Arabia. Today, Israel is a majority-Jewish state, with gas pain in shoulder significant Arab minorities in the districts of Transjordan and Samaria.

*Also Lebanon did not join the Arabs ITTL. The French decided to make Lebanon a homeland for the Maronites, and after a war with Syria (during which it allied with Israel), Lebanon is now almost 80% Christian, with Shia c gastritis, Alawi, and Druze minorities, with the Sunnis driven out of the country. Lebanon ITTL is also the only country in the Middle East (besides Egypt; the Camp David Accords occurred as IOTL, but differently) that is friendly to Israel.