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uring the weekend of February 15th to 18th the Minnedosa Mustangs, both the U12 and U17 girls soccer teams headed to Winnipeg to compete in the Golden Boy Youth Soc- cer Tourname nt. Both teams walked away at the end of the weekend wearing a gold medal that acknowledged the hard work and great game skills displayed, not only during the weekend but throughout the entire season. e U17 girls first game was on Friday, Feb- ruary 15th which saw them defeat Southdale U17G with a score of 1-0. On Saturday, they 1 unit electricity cost in bangalore tied East End U17G with a score of 0-0 and on Sunday they beat out SWCC Webster/ Fraser with a score of 2-1. With these games under their belt the team was tied with East End U17G and had to go into a shoot out to determine who would play in the finals. After seven shooters Minnedosa walked away w ith the win, taking gas efficient suv 2015 them to the finals on Monday against SCSA MacFarlane, landing the win with a score of 2-1. e U12 girls played two games on Saturday, one against SCSA Storm in which they defeated them 2-0 and one against Park City Muzia were they lost 1-0. On Sunday, they played Corydon U12G and walked away with the win with a score of 3-0. Head- ing into the final game, Minnedosa was second in the round robin.

he 38th Annual Roll- ing River Festival of the Arts will begin on the evening of Monday, March 11th at the Minnedosa United Church with the piano solos. Te piano sec- tion will continue uesday and will adjudicated by April Gibson. April began her mu- sic studies at the Victoria Conservatory of music, and completed her studies in 1982. She is active as an adjudicator, workshop and masterclass clinician. She has taught piano, compo- sition and piano pedagogy in BC, Alberta and Mani- toba. Presently she teaches in Killarney and Brandon University. April is also on the faculty for the “kick start” Piano Ensemble of BU. On Wednesday, March 13th the festival will move to the Minnedosa Com- munity Conference Centre for the school and choirs in the morning and then moves back to the United Church for the afternoon and evening for speech arts, vocal solos, adult speech arts and adult choir. Te adjudicator for these gas zyklon b sessions will be Ar- line Collins. Living in Arborg, Ar- line has a private music studio where she teaches singing, piano, accordion, guitar and theory. As a cho- ral conductor, she has pro- duced school productions and conducted ch oirs. She has many academic cre- dentials to her name from several fine universities . On Friday, March 15th, the festival will move to Rivers for the dance por- tion at the Riverdale Com- munity Centre. Allison Banman will be the adju- dicator. Allison obtained her B.A. from the University of Manitoba in 1993, with an additional education degree in Early Years Edu- cation. She is a trained dance teacher and has taught since 1984. Allison has won many prestigious gas or electricity for heating awards over the years, in- cluding for her choreogra- phy. Allison currently lives in Winnipeg. Te Rolling River Fes- tival of the Arts organizers include Val Dornn (Chair- person), Ingrid Loewen (Secretary), Sheona Smith (reasurer), Eleanor Epp, Christine Bailey, Sheila Tiessen and Shelley Hume. Festival organizers en- courage you to come out and listen to, and to watch our local talent. Tis fes- tival is gearing up to be a very enjoyable one. Hope to see you there. A full bi- ography of each adjudica- tor can be found in the fes- tival program. Please see a more de- tailed schedule in the ad- vertisement elsewhere in this paper.

n Tursday, February 21st Minnedosa’s new logo and branding was revealed for the first time at the Minnedosa United Church . Close to 40 peo- ple showed up to witness the announcement of the new “Valley Life” brand. Minnedosa and Area Economic Development Officer (EDO), Chantelle Parrott, presented on the details of the logo includ- ing the what, who and why’ s. “Te purpose of place branding gas x coupon 2015 is to turn a place from a location into a destination, a place where people want to invest, live, work and visit, ” explained Parrott. Starting in the spring of 2017, the EDO realized the need to update mes- saging, logo and marketing materials. From that time wheels have been in mo- tion, working hand in hand with ravel Manitoba, Derek Boyd of the Graphic Factory, Minnedosa our- ism Committee including; Marlies Soltys, Mark Blais, Lori Cooper, Shannon Al- exander, Mitch Burgess and Erin Woodcock, and Maddy Grant who created a new promotional video series for Minnedosa. Results from the ravel Manitoba Strategic Planning Session held on October 1st, 2018 outlined Minnedosa’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Strengths – dominated by geographical location and physical landscape (valley, hills and water 5 gases), proximity to Brandon and Riding Mountain National Park, quality local services and amenities Weaknesses – poor highway visibility due to bypass, accommodations sector lacking, inconsis- tent business hours Opportunities – in- creased focus on winter experiences, increased visitation fr om RMNP t rav- ellers, develop experiential tourism market Treats – burnout of volunteers, communi ty resistance to change and growth, water levels and quality of Minnedosa lake Certain areas identi- fied that are already at- tracting visitors to our area include; Minnedosa Lake, Ski Valley, multi-use trails and greenspaces, Rockin’ the Fields and local shop- ping. Areas that have been identified as potential at- tractions include the Golf Course, hunting, fishing and Fun Fest. Work contin ues to up- date social media, Main Street signage and maps, signage on Highways #10, #16 and #1, print media and advertisements and create branded clothing. Keep your eyes open for upcoming changes bearing the newest logo for Minnedosa.

Don Malinowski, pre- sented on behalf of the echnical Review Commit- tee (RC) and according to the report stated, “Te information contained in the Site Assessment sub- mitted v gashi kenga e zagrebit by the proponent generally meets Provinci al requirements. In addition, based on available infor- mation it has been deter- mined that the proposed operation will not create a risk to health, safety or the environment, or that any risk can be minimized through the use of appro- priate practices, measures and safeguards.” Te full report, along with the full 23 step review process, can be found on the govern- ment of Manitoba website. Burns Maendel Con- sulting Engineering Ltd. presented on behalf of Cool Spring Colony (pro- ponent) and outlined the full proposal and steps be- ing taken by the Colony to meet with requirements to date. After the presenta- tions were completed gas news, in- dividuals and/or groups were welcome to present to the committee either in favour or opposed to the fore mentioned applica- tion. Several concerned residents , landowners and Friends of Minnedosa Lake presented with multiple concerns and issues if the council were to approve proposal. Major concerns included, but were not limited to were; drainage runoff, odour, manure ap- plication and compliance of requirements. Organizations pre- senting in favour of the application included Red- fern, Dunn Rite Foods and Manitoba Chicken Pro- ducers who all reported that Cool Spring has been, to date, following the re- quirements and regula- tions. Council closed the approximately four-hour hearing and will meet on March 14th and a decision on the application may be made at that time. Tose in attendance at the public hearing were asked to pro- vide an email address and will be notified once a de- cision is made. Watch future edition of