March 18, 19 guest anthony dwyer – thestreet electricity invented what year


First topic, what else can we say except wow, Dow? Were you ready to write off the blue-chips? Not now. They rallied like a hot dot-com, the Dow up almost 7% for the week, including a record-setting gain on Thursday just electricity in the body symptoms shy of 500 points. Things were so good for the Dow, it helped pull the Nasdaq out of a nose dive earlier in the week power outage houston reliant to finish strong on Thursday and Friday.

DWYER: I think it’s institutional money going in, where portfolio managers are looking to finally take advantage of, No. 1, the value that’s been created in the Old Economy stocks. And, No. 2, they’re becoming momentum stocks. You look at a stock like DLJ, Donaldson Lufkin Jenrette electricity of the heart, stock’s up 12 points in two days. That’s trading like an Internet stock.

LASHINSKY: Yes, absolutely. And, of course, Gary, you know, unlike your four minutes of fame each week, Warren Buffett has had way more than 15 minutes, he’s had 40 years of fame, and there’s a reason for that. Gary, the valuation is not absurd. Paine Webber put an intrinsic value on Berkshire Hathaway a few weeks ago, and it’s still trading at 28% below that value.

Berkshire Hathaway had a tech-like premium for a long gas upper stomach time. It was an exciting growth stock that people wanted to own. It doesn’t have that any more, and that’s just fine, because Berkshire Hathaway is a bet on real companies. It’s an insurance company, largely, and it’s not just a collection of stocks, it also has holding companies, like Executive Jet , which is in an investment phase, doing very well e85 gas stations in ohio. The stock should do better.

SMITH: Well, absolutely. In fact, this would be a good example of a chart gas in oil causes that I would say Buffett should have had in his portfolio. I mean, here, here he had a stock — look at it — it was like 1000% up. But I am from the keep-it-simple school, in that if a stock continues to trend up, I don’t care about valuation or any of that. And Adam’s heard me say that don’t touch it if it’s not broken.

Here electricity units of measurement’s the problem with InfoSpace. It’s broken. And it cracked earlier this week. It has not recovered. I’ll tell you what, I would not touch InfoSpace on a bet. I don’t think it’s going to come back. The only way I might buy InfoSpace right now is if it made a new high. But I just honestly don’t see that, at least for the rest of the year.

GREENBERG: Tony, I — what — I have to tell you something. I hear you, hear you, hear you. But I still — you know, I made a — I almost made a career out of pointing out gas definition state of matter all the problems this company had just a year ago when it had serious accounting issues and when the thing kept getting hammered down, hammered down, hammered gasket t 1995 down. And, you know, this is also a management issue, and I still sort of wonder whether I can sort of believe in this management.

KANSAS: … that Nasdaq hit 5000 well before my birthday, so that — I think the market electricity el paso apartments’s a little bit screwy. I think we’re going to see drug stocks keep rising. This recent rise in the drug stocks stems from the rising fear, I think, in the market. We’re going to see a little more safety, for only 45 days, Herb, because gastritis I’m a market timer too. Forty-five days, and then…

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