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Today I went to the polyclinic with my mom to confirm my pregnancy with the doctor. It’s been a long time since I went to polyclinic and I’ve forgotten the ways (yes, it’s not as simple as at private clinic). Luckily, my mom was there to guide me.

3rd Station: Doctor’s office – While waiting, I had to pee. There went my concentrated urine. I drank some more water so that I could pee again. Later, doctor asked me about my symptoms, gave me a form and told me to go to the lab station to take a urine test.

4th Station: Laboratory – I submitted my form, then my Q number was called again. I peed a sample of clear urine. I was worried. I asked my mom if this would affect the pregnancy result. I was thinking it needed a more concentrated urine. My mom told me concentrated or not, if I was really pregnant, the test could detect. I waited for about an hour here and the nurse simply called out my name and handed me my result slip.

3rd Station: Back to doctor’s office. She congratulated me. She asked if I preferred Singapore General Hospital (SGH) or KKH. I chose KKH and she gave me a referral form to make the appointment myself. Great… She also prescribed me with 5mg folic acid to take for 1 month.

5th Station: We proceeded to the Referral/Appointment Station. I submitted the referral form and shortly after my Q no. was called. She gave a referral letter to KKH and informed me that my first prenatal appointment would be the very next day.

Before my hubby came in, I secretly Whatsapped him that we could tell the good news to his mom. Here’s how he said it: “We have a good news to share. Lin most probably, should be…” and my mother in law interrupted, “What? You got a job?” My hubby continued, “Lin is most probably pregnant.”

My MIL was like “Wah! Alhamdulillah! (All praise to Allah),” patting my knees. She told us that she had asked her best friend who had gone for pilgrimage in Mecca recently to pray for my family. I was like “I knew it!” Because I had a feeling when I found out I was pregnant that it could be partly due to the prayers that people might have contributed for us, especially my MIL’s best friend who prayed for us at the holiest place.

I had to tell my MIL not to share with other people yet. At this point, only my mother and my hubby’s family knew about my pregnancy. She asked why I didn’t want to share the good news with other people. I explained that it’s still too early. I have to go to see a doctor to confirm using a clinical test girst, which I feel is more reliable. I only used cheapie test stripsso far and a commercial digital test kit to find out on my own. We might tell the rest of the family after confirming with the doctor.

My MIL started advising my hubby and I the do’s and don’ts in pregnancy. She also shared her own pregnancy experiences with her 3 sons. I like listening to pregnancy stories. It feels great to actually bear another life in my own body. I’m actually experiencing motherhood! What greater honour that to experience pregnancy. 15 DPO: Progressive test lines and other early pregnancy symptoms

We all know that we are without a doubt pregnant when we miss our period. My period will be expected tomorrow as I’m on 28 days cycle. Before my period, I should have brown spotting for about two days before my period. Meaning, I should spot on 12 anf 13 DPO-ish. But this time, I don’t have it.

Since I got my faint positive result on the pregnancy test strip on 12 DPO, it totally explained why I hadn’t had any spotting. The only thing that’s fixed about my cycle is the spotting. My cycle varies from 26 to 29 days monthly. It’s the spotting that tells me that I’m going to have my period.

• Acne – Some ladies said their skin became clear and flawless when they found out they were pregnant. For me, fat chance! I have a lot of pimples and acne growing now. Not only on my face, but my neck, check and back too! When I had my period, especially when it’s ending, I would only start to have a few on my face.

This new experience made me realised how our body can really change to accomodate the little life that is going to grow inside of us. It’s amazing! I embrace every moment of this. What’s more wonderful than to experience the journey of motherhood. All Praises to Allah! 12 DPO: First Faint Positive!

It was about 9.30in the morning when I had to pee. I didn’t plan the night before to do it on a pregnancy test strip. It was an impromptu decision. I grabbed the cup that I stored in the sink cupboard and a cheap pee stick. I did my business and then watched as my sample urine travelled through the strip.

I thought I saw a very faint line at my already warm LED lighted toilet. A rush of joy vibrated through my body while still sitting in the toilet. I had to bring it outside to confirm it again under a more natural light. I was in a state of disbelief and convinced at the same time about what I just saw. Yes, the morning light shone the way as it was indeed a super faint positive line.

I left the test strip in my toilet mirror cupboard for another few more minutes while I went to my bed and researched on “12 dpo faint positive”. An article mentioned that it was an early pregnancy sign while a forum mentioned that the first morning urine (FMU) did not always work. Second one (SMU) would give a slightly darker line.

I was also waiting for the urge to pee again to do another test with SMU. Not enough liquid to do this so I had to drink at breakfast. I tested again about 11am and waited for 10 minutes. The line was lighter than the first. Oh well… I think this was because I had new liquid in my body and it was not concentrated enough to be tested.