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It’s certainly easy to get discouraged when sorting through all the conflicting health information out there. One health book says that meat is killing you (and the Earth); then I tell you grains aren’t the best; another source says don’t eat gluten, ever; and the latest diet book assures you all food is good, but only if you follow their 4-week, 3-phase meal plan!

Add on the fact that you’re not shopping just for you but putting food on the table for a whole family and it gets even more complicated. And if a few of those family members have health problems or food intolerances, well… it seems like a full-time job just to figure out what to eat. Dr. Mark Hyman: It’s OK to Eat!

Today’s episode is a breath of fresh air and a good reminder that eating healthy doesn’t have to be stressful. Dr. Mark basically takes the best of everything he’s learned about food in his 40-year career as a family physician and functional medicine doctor and sums it up in an easy-to-understand and encouraging way.

And there’s really no one better to write about this topic. Dr. Mark Hyman is the medical director for the Cleveland Clinic for Functional Medicine and the chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine, just to name a few of his credentials. He also has a knack for making the science very understandable and easy to put into practice, which is one of the reasons he’s author of 10 New York Times best-sellers.

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