Mark polmear thrown out of inquest after screaming at doctor over death of daughter _ daily mail online

A grieving father was thrown out of an inquest into his seven-year-old daughter’s death after screaming at a doctor who he claimed failed to spot the rare lung condition that killed her.

Mark Polmear, 44, was forced to leave the hearing after he bellowed at the medic: ‘You took everything from me, I’m going to take it from you. Gas after eating bread You watch your back.’

Mr Polmear and his wife Lynette had raised repeated concerns over two years about their daughter Esmee’s health, speaking to at least four doctors before she collapsed on a school trip to the seaside and died. Gas x strips after gastric sleeve But they were told there was nothing to worry about and that her symptoms of breathlessness, purple hands and blue lips were simply anxiety attacks.

However, an inquest on Wednesday heard ‘very simple’ blood tests may have been able to spot her ‘exceptionally rare’ lung condition earlier and allow doctors to ‘manage’ it.

Mr Polmear was forced to leave court after he shouted at the doctor, who was giving evidence, and asked why his daughter had not had more thorough tests. Gas mask drawing As members of the public tried to restrain him, he also yelled: ‘My daughter died because of his incompetence.’

Speaking from the family home in Perranporth, Cornwall, yesterday, Mr Polmear said the death of their only child in July last year has condemned him ‘to a life of emptiness’.

Doctors are supposed to be trusted but every one of them – from GPs to the consultants – let us down. Electricity projects for class 12 We were treated as if Esmee didn’t matter. Gas laws worksheet with answers When she passed away a lot of us passed away with her.’

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