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This week there are a couple of things I want to bring to your attention. la gas prices now First we will be using all the Ani Trace EID tags we have in stock because they have stopped making the small tag we have been using. They will continue to make the big floppy tags but we don’t want to put those in the small ear of a calf. Ani Trace is eventually going to replace the small tag with a button but they are not sure when they will be available. However, until we receive the new buttons we will be using the Allflex button until the buttons are available from Ani Trace. gas mask bong review The Allfex buttons will not read quite as far as the Ani Trace tag but that will not affect our use here at 101 Livestock.

Here we go, the market was great again for the cattle we sold. One thousand pound steers sold for $98.00/cwt. These cattle were thin fleshed and had some age on them hence it was a great sale. Cows and bulls were higher. It was caused by some local interest and Bobby’s order for grass fed cows to go to LA. v gashi kenga e zagrebit Nevertheless there is more than one market for this type of cow and that is healthy for the market in general.

The last couple of weeks we have been looking back in an attempt to set the stage for the future on cattle sales at this market. We have the computer capability to access all the new markets and that’s where we’re going. v gashi These new markets will be paying premium prices and we want everyone to have the price advantage in the market if they choose to target these new programs. We will start a tour of some of the feed lots that brought cattle here last year, in an attempt to understand their needs and make sure the cattle are preforming. It’s pretty exciting to have more feed lots understanding the grade and feed efficiency of the Topline-Leachman sired calves. gas approximation They are worth more and the industry is getting the picture.

Every time I talk about program cattle there are those that say you can’t sell here at 101 Livestock if you’re not in one of our programs. That is a false statement. We sell all cattle and the great benefit of the program cattle is that those prices help bring the prices up for everyone else no matter if they are or are not in one of our programs. Now that’s amazing. 9gag instagram It’s the advantage of a lot of expense over the years and staying on the leading edge of real value added programs and animal health issues that the consumer is now recognizing and requesting. In 1991 we made a commitment to all cattle producers here to change the way we did business. We could no longer operate in an old junky facility and represent this business the way it should be represented. physical science electricity review worksheet Since then we have been called on by every major news network nationally and internationally and, on more than one occasion. They all have been very impressed by our attention to detail from clean safe cattle pens to the humane handling of all the animals. When you’re on the world stage a lot and there is no negative news from here that effort is easily passed over. We have been to a California Cattlemen’s training session to understand more about news questions and how to answer them. We have been to two National Cattlemen’s training sessions in Denver to understand the same thing but those training sessions had an international flair to them and that has really paid off. During Mad Cow, the Drought, and other times when you get crushed by all the major networks, having the training and understanding their questions and providing sensible truthful answers is something they aren’t used to. When these people have a question they just call and ask and that might not happen a lot but it shows their confidence in getting a straight answer from 101 Livestock. electricity generation in usa So if you’re not a member of the National Cattlemen’s or the California Cattlemen’s Association it’s a great investment. They work for us 365 days a year. Have a great week and we’ll see you next Tuesday.