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GINGER: Absolutely dynamic electricity examples there’s a need to innovate, but that’s not exactly what the saying implies. What if you’re satisfied with what you’ve always got? The implication is that you simply need to do what you’ve always done, but that’s not true. That contradicts the law of diminishing returns. If you keep doing more of the same thing, you’ll ultimately get less return on your investment. So, it should be that if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get less and less until you have nothing.

JEFF: To me, that electricity flow direction points to one of the key distinctions between invention and innovation. While it’s possible to make a useless invention – a waterproof towel for example – innovation, by definition, is a pragmatic shift in the status quo. While the light bulb was a great invention, by itself it’s pretty useless. It was the innovation of the electric power system that made the light bulb valuable. More than just an object or process, innovation is about adopting a new way of doing things.

GINGER: And while the idea for an invention might randomly strike you out the blue, innovation grade 6 electricity is necessarily an ongoing process because the world is changing at an increasing pace. The status quo is not an option. There are no phone booths anymore, so if you need to make a phone call – or change into a superhero costume – you need another solution. You need to innovate. The same is true with marketing. Things keep changing, so we can never anticipate that we’ll always get what we always got.

GINGER: Which is exactly what most marketers do. We begin with a specific electricity bill nye goal – we’re told that we need to generate X number of qualified leads. Then, because the goal is a quantifiable metric, we naturally look for a pragmatic, engineered solution. But that’s not innovation, that’s invention. Inventions are engineered, but innovation is designed.

GINGER: We’re so glad you did. Engineers are problem solvers. Once they’ve found a solution, they’re done. They collect their paycheck and go home physical science electricity review worksheet. True innovators are never done working. Instead of solving problems, they look for elegant solutions. Instead of minimizing variables and trying to control the results, they embrace variables. They love the challenge of change. Marketing innovation isn’t focused on filling pipe; it’s focused on finding a better way of doing things.

JEFF: Most great startups begin that way. They have a passion for their innovation gas station near me open and it draws people in. But once a company matures, it becomes more conservative and the first things to go are marketing and innovation. It would rather do what it has always done in hopes of getting what it always got. Satisfying investors, employees, and customers is a lot safer than delighting them.

GINGER: We’re fortunate that our company has such a strong commitment to innovation. Ten years ago electricity transformer near house, Hasso Plattner, one of the founders of SAP, admitted we had lost the desire to innovate and he took the company in a new direction. He began by creating two new institutions, The “Stanford” and “The School of Design Thinking” at the Hasso Platter Institute at the University of Pottsdam in Germany. Both of these schools are dedicated to teaching the process of innovation.

JEFF: These blogs are part of that. If we can share with our customers how to innovate their marketing, it’s great for us in the long gas in michigan run. Throughout the series, we’ll discuss how marketing innovation works in principle, and more specifically how we achieved it. We hope you’ll all stay with us. If you’re up for checking out some of the innovative things Ginger and I’ve done, tune into our radio drama, Searching gasco abu dhabi email address for Salaì, on Apple/iTunes, Stitcher, Castbox, or whatever platform you prefer. Then think about the innovative ways you use technology in your everyday life.