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NEW DELHI: Vitara Brezza was always going to be an important product for Maruti Suzuki. Gas jewelry With Vitara Brezza, the automaker has not just entered an all new segment, but a segment which is probably the most hotly competed one currently in India.

Maruti Suzuki, more often than not, has enjoyed the first-mover advantage with its products, at least in the mass-appeal segments. Electricity year 6 But that is not the case here with Vitara Brezza as the compact SUV segment already has quite a few popular names doing the rounds. Electricity dance moms While many count themselves as players in the compact SUV segment, the main competition for Vitara Brezza is the Ford EcoSport and Mahindra’s relatively new TUV300.

Vitara Brezza’s entry has already set the cat among the pigeons. Shell gas credit card 5 Soon after the price announcement, Ford slashed the prices of EcoSport by up to Rs 1.12 lakh.

So rather than setting a target for the competition, Maruti will have to chase down one. Grade 9 electricity test And the initial response for Maruti’s compact SUV suggests that we have an interesting competition on our hands.

Though looks are a subjective matter, we would rate Vitara Brezza as quite a good looking vehicle. Quadcopter gas motor And its beauty, we think, lies ind the simplicity of the design. Electricity 101 video There are no flashy lines, bulging arches or unnecessary claddings. 3 gases The dual tone option on the exterior with Red, Blue and Yellow colored models, blend well and makes the car look larger than it really is.

Much needed that. Electricity generation by source by country Because in comparison to its immediate competition, Vitara Brezza is slightly smaller in dimensions. Static electricity in the body effects While Ford EcoSport is around 3999 mm in length, Brezza is 3995 mm, same as TUV300. Electricity tower vector The wheelbase, however, is lesser than both the competitors. Electricity sound effect mp3 free download Maruti’s compact SUV tops out at 2500mm, whereas the TUV300 has much generous 2680 wheelbase and EcoSport has 2520mm.

SUVs used to be men’s den till Renault Duster and Ford Ecosport came and started luring women with its soft handling along with the macho muscles. Electricity office Brezza scores much higher on this quotient as from grill and facia, the SUV looks much more masculine and pumped than its nearest rival Ford EcoSport.

Does the lower wheelbase end up translating into lesser space inside? Not by a huge margin, but would have liked a bit more legroom and shoulder room at the back, especially, after experiencing Ciaz, Baleno and S-cross which have better space inside compared to its predecessors. Static electricity human body Maruti had managed to match, and in Ciaz’s case, even better the space provided by other players in the respective segments.

Three adults at the back is bit of a squeeze. Gasco abu dhabi salary Although we found the back seat quite comfortable on longer distances because of the decent thigh support and nice recline angle.

Time to step into the driver seat then. Electricity production in north korea We felt that the seating position is little more sedan-ish than SUV-ish, at least in comparison to its rivals, which is necessarily not a bad thing. Gas variables pogil answers extension questions The height is just about right to give a clear front view and yet feel planted enough to make one feel at ease immediately.

What might take time getting used to is the finish quality and the plastics. V gas station Though not bad, we just felt it could have been slightly better. 101 gas station Vitara Brezza might not have been positioned as a premium product like Baleno and S-Cross, but at price point starting at Rs 6.99 lakh you do expect better touch and feel in the cabin. Electricity quotes by benjamin franklin Plastic quality felt a bit low grade around the centre console and door panels.

It seems the manufacturer might have deliberately kept the distinction and not put much effort towards making its look premium, as they are trying to associate that with Nexa products.

Comparisson with S-Cross and Baleno don’t do Vitara Brezza any good either as both the previous model have raised the expectation from Maruti Suzuki in terms of interior quality and we believe, all new products from Maruti will have to stand up to that benchmark.

Where the Vitara Brezza scores nicely is the feature list that it boasts of. Gas meter reading An easy to operate touchscreen infotainment system, Apple CarPlay, start/stop button, standard driver side airbag (dual airbag optional right from the base variant) put Vitara Brezza in a sweet spot.

Turn on the engine and the first that comes to notice is the absence of the usual diesel engine humming and the cabin it seems gets quieter as you cruise around 80 kmph.

Vitara Brezza is powered by the same 1.3-litre turbocharged diesel engine previously seen on S-Cross. Gas 69 Here, it generates 90PS of max power @ 4,000rpm and 200Nm of maximum torque @ 1,750rpm. Gaston y la agrupacion santa fe Maruti has claimed that it can give a fuel efficiency of 24.3 kmpl, which effectively makes it the most fuel efficient SUV in the country.

But there is a price to pay for that impressive fuel efficiency – low end torque. Gas in dogs stomach Its pick up at low speeds was found lacking as there was a significant lag making it harder to execute quick overtakes. Gas welder job description In fact, we constantly had to downshift to get the extra pull. R gas constant The Brezza feels more at home at cruising speeds, crunching miles on the highway, than on congested city streets.

Maruti says that Vitara Brezza employs Suzuki’s Total Effective Control Technology (TECT) concept for occupant protection. Electricity recruitment 2015 Hi-tensile steel brings strength along with low body weight.

The suspension too is more towards the harder side to give better high-speed stability and maneuverability. Gas stoichiometry This also keeps the body roll in check to a large extent.

Despite the few niggles, Maruti Vitara Brezza as a package manages to impress. Power in costa rica The decent fuel-economy, easy on the eye design language, heavily-packed feature list, a comfortable back seat and a sporty driving behaviour makes Vitara Brezza a strong competitor for the Numero uno title in this segment.