Mary ellen bellusci-christmas lists then (tangible) and now (intangible) gas vs diesel rv


All of those gifts are tangible. ideal gas definition chemistry One can purchase the item, wrap it up, and put it under the tree. Well, except for the horse. And though I knew the probability of having a horse was Probably Never, that didn’t stop me from racing to the window every Christmas and checking to see if my horse was tied up to the sweet gum tree in our front yard, pawing the air and shaking its mane and looking me right in my eyes with a gaze that said “No one can ride me but you…!” Yeah. gas 76 Hope springs and all that. Though magical, a horse is still a tangible gift, albeit an unrealistic one (at least unrealistic for me; my best friend did receive a horse for Christmas, siiiiigh).

My father told us there was no Santy very early on. By time I was about 4 years old, Santy magic did not come to our house ever again. We knew that those presents under the tree were bought by my mom (Dad, rest in peace, well, Dad just never thought about buying presents for us). electricity for beginners pdf We understood on some level that the money for presents came from cash that would normally go to food and housing and clothing. That didn’t stop us from wanting! That’s what Christmas begets: Wanting! But our wanting was tempered by not expecting too much.

Somehow, though, my mom always found a way to have presents under the tree for us. And the magical wonderful thing about that is this: whether we had asked for a certain item or knew it was best not to ask because times were hard, it didn’t matter, because once we dived under the tree and began unwrapping, we thought how everything we received was just what we wanted no matter what our list might have been, spoken, written, or dreamt—we were happy, even with a sack of fruit and hard danged ol’ candy.

Do you see the difference in those two lists? Other than the obvious, of course. In the second list, the items aren’t tangible; one can’t purchase them; someone can’t place these things under the tree where I’ll rip them open, happy-shiny paper flying willy-nilly, the givers grinning their fool heads off because they’ve made another person feel joyful. The gift wishes in the second list are Hah-Uge, and for all but a few, could be almost unattainable. natural electricity examples With a list like that, one could be forever unhappy at Christmas, forever feeling slighted, forever just a little bit sad. One could sit there among the twinkly lights feeling sorry for one’s self while all the others are ripping open their tangible packages with glee.

I’ve been altering my List. And by altering that list, I’ve felt something lighten in me. npower gas price reduction I’ve felt a peace come over me. I’ve felt my Christmas Spirit more spirity. My list is one that would make someone else happy in the giving. electricity questions grade 6 One that my friends or family could happily and sneakily purchase, wrap up, and place under the tree, anticipating my reaction.

Well Folks, as I finish this up, I await and make preparations for what comes in the form of Winter Storm Diego. Western North Carolina, where I live not far from Asheville, has a Snow Target on its back. If all the dire warnings come to fruition, I could be right buried in snow here in my lil Log House. electricity grid code I may lose power, and if I do, I can only thank you in advance for the hundreds of comments I am sure to receive on my brilliant musings (okay, I am laughing as I type that! haw!). Wish me luck!