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Inside is another story. Where shelves of chips and candy bars might have been, customers lean against narrow granite counters, holding scratch tickets by the handful, or lounge at one of the high-topped round tables, filling out blank Keno slips. There is no music, just the unceasing patter of five Lottery machines printing Mass Cash and MegaBucks tickets. Six monitors flash the latest Keno numbers, which smokers can also catch on a monitor protected by plexiglass while they lounge at picnic tables on a blacktopped electricity song billy elliot patio out back.

Ted’s Stateline Mobil is the King Kong of Massachusetts Lottery agents. The store sold $12.6 million worth of lottery tickets in 2007, millions more than any of the other 7,500 or so bars, restaurants, and convenience stores that sell lottery tickets in the state. Owner Ted electricity voltage used in usa Amico earned a staggering $625,000 on the standard 5 percent commission lottery agents receive for all lottery ticket sales, not including a 1 percent commission on all his customers’ winnings. The average store owner made about $37,000.

Ted’s rules the lottery world partly because it has famously sold an uncanny num ber of jackpot-winning tickets over the years, including a $17 million prize in 1988 that was then the largest in state history. There is also another reason: The New Hampshire border runs through the parking lot. Just as Massachusetts residents head to New Hampshire for tax-free beer and cigarettes, Granite Staters drive south of the border for lottery tickets – especially scratch tickets.

Compared with scratch tickets in other neighboring states, the top prizes offered on Massachusetts electricity problem in up scratch ticket are bigger, and the odds of winning are often better. That’s because the pool of money at stake is bigger in Massachusetts, and the Bay State sends more of its lottery income back to players in prizes, a strategy that lures core players back for more every day.

All of this has meant big profits for stores on the borders – the top five lottery agents in Massachusetts are on the New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Connecticut borders. At MN Border Store, just across Route 28 from Ted’s, on the New Hampshire side, owner Bob Patel said he sold a mere $100,000 worth of New Hampshire lottery tickets last year.

Cooper points out that the top prize on a $20 scratch ticket in Massachusetts is $10 million, compared with m gasol a piddling $250,000 in New Hampshire. He knows he’s more likely to win the top prize in New Hampshire – there are fewer players. But he’d rather have a chance at the $10 million. And he comes to Ted’s religiously because it’s a lucky station.

Ted’s was an unremarkable auto service station in the late 1970s when Ted Amico, who had worked as a sales representative for Mobil, decided to buy it. He didn’t have the cash. Hardly born to money, he had grown up in a Lynn three-decker, the son of a shoe factory worker who tended bar at night – so he borrowed it. His younger brother doubted the wisdom of this.

It did. In 1996 electricity sound effect, Ted’s sold a $35 million jackpot ticket. The next year, there was a $42 million payout, another record. Two $4 million winners bought their tickets at Ted’s in 2001 to 2002, not to mention a gallery of lesser prizewinners electricity quiz and answers who took home enough to buy a nice Mercedes or three. Just the week before last, somebody won $1 million on a $20 scratch ticket from Ted’s, Amico said proudly.

Big jackpot drawings have made for some crazy times at Ted’s. On at least one occasion, police details could not prevent a traffic jam on Route 28. Manager Phil Bosch recalls another evening when his lottery machines refused to print more tickets. Frantic, he called the Lottery headquarters, where someone eventually remembered that the machines had been set to max out at 10,000 tickets. It had never happened before, Bosch said.

But gas natural inc Amico and Bosch try to keep lines from forming, and to keep their customers comfortable. Fifteen to 20 employees run as many as five registers, and a pair of scratch ticket vending machines stand sentry near each door. A cooler was moved to make more space for Keno players. Amico has been searching on the Internet for an awning to protect the smokers from the rain.