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## was created to provide FREE MATERIALS for use by math students, parents and teachers. You may use these materials free of charge as long as you are using them for educational purposes in a public, private or home-school setting. This includes tutoring and other educational activities for math students, but not for-profit business entities. If you have a question about the permissible use of these materials, please email Earl at

In order to access much of the material on this website you will need the free Adobe Reader, which is already installed on most computers (PCs and Macs), as well as many tablets and smart phones. If you do not have the Adobe Reader installed on your device, you may download it at Note: to avoid installing more software than you want, unclick the boxes under "Optional offers" (middle column) when downloading the Adobe Reader.

"Education isn’t simply about pushing children over an artificial borderline, but instead about stretching every pupil to unlock their potential and give them the opportunity to get on in life." Nicola Morgan, Secretary of State for Education, United Kingdom General Interest

Below is a description of the materials available on this website. They were developed over a period of years during which Earl has tutored math at the Damonte Ranch High School in Reno, Nevada. We have included math handbooks that can be used as references for many math classes, PC apps developed to help the student "explore" math, answers to sample exams on numerous topics, Excel files to deal with specific math issues, and much more. We welcome any comments or suggestions to improve the materials; please send an email to the above address and we will see what we can do. Math Handbooks

The Math Handbooks cover Pre-Algebra, Algebra (through Pre-Calculus), Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus. They began as a set of explanatory notes for tutoring students. Over time, we accumulated enough notes to organize them, eventually filling in any significant gaps to get a fairly comprehensive set of materials for typical high school and elementary college math classes.

The handbooks, in aggregate, contain over 600 pages of material, organized (to the extent possible) in one- or two-page segments by subject area. The intent is that a student needing a reference for a particular issue in math would be able to print one or two pages that would help them learn how to perform the task at hand and that would serve as a reference whenever one was needed.

The Math Suite of Apps is a set of software programs designed to help students learn by "exploring" the math they are learning. For example, if you graph a hyperbolic function based on a certain set of parameters, what happens to the graph if you change those parameters? Using paper and pencil, this could take a long time to investigate, but using an app, the answer appears in seconds. The same holds true for changing the slope of a line, selecting a different variable to eliminate in a system of equations, and many other areas of math. Our hope is that the apps will enhance learning of some of the more difficult parts of algebra and related subjects.

This section organizes the site’s materials by course, and includes sample tests with step-by-step solutions for many courses, including Trigonometry and AP Calculus. Information relating to the Nevada High School Proficiency Exam, including sample tests, is also provided. In addition, we identify a number of publications from other sources that may be useful references to math students.

Success in math classes can be enhanced by increasing your ability in arithmetic, both in accuracy and in speed. A number of Speed Practice files are provided to help you do this. Choose from a Microsoft Excel file that allows you to generate problems and print them (both problems and answers) or a PC App that allows you to work on your computer screen (or download both). Either way, using these files will help you improve your arithmetic ability so that you can spend more time learning math and less time struggling with arithmetic.

This section provides "tidbits" of mathematics that we have found interesting and have investigated to some degree. Also, will provide essays on subjects related to education in general and math education in particular. We hope you also find them to be of some interest.