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Thanks for joining us for DC in a Day on Foot! We are so glad you enjoyed your day out in DC with Matt. His energy and warmth won us over as well, and we are happy to see that it appears to have even made up for a less-than-thrilling lunch. We only want the best for our tours and we are sorry (and disappointed) that didn’t happen. That lunch spot is normally a crowd-pleaser. Its menu has something for everyone – from fresh sushi, salads, pizza, pho, and hot and cold sandwiches to a robust hot and cold self-serve buffet – and its location near the State Department HQs, GW University, and the Watergate makes for interesting crowds. The bathrooms are also normally kept clean (another reason we like it), but they clearly missed the mark and we have already addressed it (they apologize). We would also love to make it up to you when you make it back to DC (and how could you not, this place is awesome and now you’re an Insider!). Thanks again for joining a tour, and please reach out to us next time your in DC!

My son and I did the Glitz, Glam & Gossip tour with Kevin on a Saturday morning in April. Kevin was outstanding. I don’t know how he kept up his enthusiasm on a warm day, but he was great. The tour involved 2.5 hours of walking from Dupont Circle to the waterfront in Georgetown, with stops along the way for discussions of points of interest. Mainly, we learned about a lot of the mansions on Mass Ave that have been converted into foreign embassies. There are some pretty interesting stories behind the mansions (involving, yes, glitz glam & gossip). Kevin has an amazing amount of knowledge about DC (beyond the tour topic), which made the tour very all-encompassing in its scope. He even guided us to a good bakery at the end of our tour. FYI, this tour is the beginning part of a full-day tour that extends beyond Dupont Circle/Georgetown. My son & I only booked the morning part of the tour. But much later in the day, we were walking near the White House and saw Kevin & the remaining tour group members and God bless him, Kevin was still going strong despite the heat and many hours of guiding. I don’t know how he does it. But he does it very well.

We did a group “DC in a day” tour. Our tour guide was Kevin. Kevin was so great! His background of theatre helps give a very vibrant and exciting tour. He was very knowledgeable and very enthusiastic about D.C. and it’s history. We were happy to have someone like him on this 6 hour tour! You meet at the designated meeting spot at 10 am and start the tour around Dupoint Circle and go through embassy row. Later, you walk through Georgetown. Some other people in our group only signed up for the half tour and this is where it ended for them. If you choose to go forth with the whole tour it continues to watergate, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Vietnam War Memorial, World War 2 Memorial, and end at the White House. Between the break between the two groups there is a lunch break (30 min) at a nice and clean cafeteria style cafe. Things that aren’t covered in the tour are the Thomas Jefferson memorial and the Capital building. Even so, it was a great tour and Kevin covered so many historical and neat things you wouldn’t even know unless you did intensive research! I would definitely recommend DC Insider Tour to everyone who comes and visits D.C.!