Matua ngaru akoranga blog term 4 – week 5 @matuangaru spotlight gas yoga


There were heaps of things that we could bring back to Auckland: The kids were using twitter to share their learning, which was authentic and awesome. gas knife They had list of interesting tasks that they were working through, picking the ones that they wanted to do, and we saw some amazing photo editing (Bromley is an Apple distinguished school – so they were using a lot of apps on the iPads)

Discovery had a purpose built space in town that was destroyed in the earthquakes. They moved way out into the suburbs but have a new building in town that is nearly finished. Discovery is a special character school that operates with the idea that the child is central in directing his or her own learning so that the enthusiasm and love of learning is retained.

Halswell is an old school (120 years old) with new buildings (4 years old). They have won an award for using their spaces well and we definitely agreed that they very well organised, planned, and laid out. Being well established they had lots of great resources – robots, imagination playground equipment, an amazing performance space, and a well stocked library

Lemonwood Grove was built in a high growth area, similar to ours. electricity history in india The buildings were FLE/open plan but had lots of divisions of space, kind of like ours are, and we felt like they used their space really well – they were obviously using it flexibly, but had areas for specific things like large and small group meeting spots and areas for individual/quiet work.

There were a few things we would like to bring back. o gastronomo We felt like they were doing play based learning well. Kids had a lot of choice, there was a group making a blanket fort, kids rolling barrels down hills, wooden sword fights, inventing games on the playground, and kids playing with sand and water. There was room to do quite big things (like the barrel rolling) and kids were truly in charge.

Rolleston follow the Reggio Emilia Philosophy. Their scrapbooks following learning journeys were amazing and the classrooms were full of wonderful displays and artifacts. We won’t be full Reggio, but there are lots of things we can take away. gas variables pogil extension questions We really liked the scrapbooks documenting their process and how this covered the classroom walls in many classrooms. We felt that this showed the staff and kids really value the things they were doing and made their learning process clear for the learners, other teachers, and staff. We know this would be a lot of work, but we feel it’s something worth doing.

West Rolleston is a really new school that opened only last year in a new area and experienced rapid growth. gas city indiana zip code The spaces were MASSIVE and were really open. We liked that they had one breakout space – the basket – set aside for brand new new entrant learners so they weren’t just dropped straight into the huge spaces but instead given time to adjust slowly.

We liked their idea of teachers marking together as a team at the end of the day so that they could have an informal meeting at the same time. They also seemed to have good structures in place for meeting/getting to know new kids – they got together with their first group at a bookshop so that they families could buy a book for the school if they wanted to, the teachers called parents in the first week, and they have fish and chip evenings for new new entrant cohorts.

This school was very interesting. gasbuddy trip They had some very strong views about what they were doing. 93 gas near me One of the driving factors in the design of the school and how it ran was the idea of being "fantastical." Several spaces definitely followed this idea and the children did seem to have a good amount of say in what they did. The oldest children, in particular had 12 options during the week, of which they had to choose 5. There were a lot of outdoor areas and the children had a huge say in what was out there.