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Taking in the view from top of Pier 15 in Lower Manhattan. Electricity cost nyc Masters of Regional Planning students from left to right: Jon Tsai, Hunter Zupnick, Sangi Gao, Barbara Summers, and Julie Casabianca Monday October 21st, the Masters students from AAP NYC enjoyed a spectacular evening boat tour with friends of the Lower East Side Ecology Center. Gas 99 cents Meeting at Pier 16 in Lower Manhattan, we boarded a New York City Water Taxi and went on a leisurely two hour narrated cruise of the New York City Harbor. Electricity notes pdf The tour provided dual insights of meeting community members from the Lower East Side and a harbor side view of our urban design studio study area–Manhattan’s East River waterfront. My project has me working with three classmates to come up with green infrastructure strategies for the area around the Con Edison power plant seen above.

Gas 91 Seeing the Con Edison power station in profile relative to the New York City Public Housing and the East River Park were valuable to our ongoing research. The boat meandered north up the shoreline providing excellent photo opportunities. Gas in back The leisurely pace also gave our host time to describe the landscape.

Providing descriptive narration was the Lower Side Ecology Center’s Executive Director Christine Datz-Romero, LES Ecology Center Advisory Board member Venetia Lannon, and our urban design studio professor Claire Weisz. F gas regulations r22 While switching off on the boat’s loud speaker system the three provided insight on the East River and the numerous initiatives underway along its shores.

Austin electricity outage One of the more fanciful concepts is Plus Pool. Gas 47 cents This is swimming pool based in the waters of the East River that has permeable filtration walls.

In the realm of dreams that became reality, Christine provided an ecological perspective on the growth and history of the Ecology Center in the East River Park. Gsa 2016 Next up was Venetia Lannon (Regional Director of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation) who provided perspective on the history of pollution especially on our stint up Newtown Creek, an East River tributary between Brooklyn and Queens. O gascon To this day, Newtown Creek has many industrial uses.

Gas leak in house Exemplifying this was active metal crushers mincing steel into tiny pieces of scrap metal. All in all it was an unforgettable evening. Npower gas price per unit On top of the nontraditional sights along the river, we also saw the staples.

Electricity videos for 4th grade We got up close and personal with Lady Liberty and Ellis Island. K electric share price For me it was the closest I’ve been to the Statue of Liberty since I was six years old. Gas law questions and answers No doubt, this visit was as memorable as my first! Addendum: Several weeks prior to the boat tour Claire invited Christine Datz-Romero to come to the AAP NYC studio to present information about the Lower East Side Ecology Center. Gas giants (The conversation provided a great history of the evolution of recycling/composting consciousness in NYC. Grade 6 electricity project You can hear an outtake here).

Written by Max Franklin Taffet No comments Posted in Max Taffet Tagged with AAP, Con Edison, East River, East River Park, Lowe East Side Ecology Center, MRP, Newtown Creek, NYC, Plus Pool, Statue of Liberty October 17, 2013 This past weekend the undergraduate and graduate AAP NYC students had the tremendous opportunity to make a final visit of the season to Governors Island. Electricity facts label Ten of us met AAP NYC’s E.D., Bob Balder, and new AAP City and Regional Planning Prof. 2015 electricity rates Tom Campanella, at the Battery Maritime Building at 10AM for the first ferry of the day. Below check out my nifty Twitter map of our visit and a few video clips from the INCREDIBLE vintage French amusement park that was operating on the island for the summer. (A clip of a historic early turn of the 20th century French amusement park ride in Nolan Park at Governors Island.

Electricity sources in canada This ride is part human powered. Electricity human body Participants pedal Flintstones-style to make the ride work!) The weekly pattern of studio life is becoming more familiar. Several times a week the MRP students’ routine is to engage with outside professionals who come to speak in the studio.

Gas bike alley A huge benefit of the AAP studio on 17th Street is its central location. Gas 2015 The location makes for an ideal spot for students to access but equally important is ease of access for practicing professionals to come to us. Over the past week and a half, our cohort of City and Regional Planning students met with GIS specialist Paul Salama from WXY Studios, Chris Collin the executive director of Solar One, and with MRP alum and land use law expert Mitch Korbey. Most of the MRP students are GIS (geographic information systems) software users thanks to a dedicated course in Ithaca.

Gaslighting But as ArcGIS is an ever evolving (and frustrating) computer program that we were grateful to receive a quick refresher in. R gas constant chemistry Paul Salama generously spent last Wednesday evening with fourteen of us as we crowded with our laptops around a large television/computer monitor. Static electricity review worksheet The focus of Paul’s refresher exercise was ways to visualize a Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) in the Bronx. Zyklon b gas canister for sale This entailed locating base data files depicting roads, rail lines, coastal boundaries, tax lots, and buildings.

Gas ark Using these layers as guides, we created a new layer containing the BOA. In addition to a skills refresher, Paul introduced the group to a few essential open data resources. Electricity and magnetism worksheets Already, these websites have provided invaluable data for our urban design studio class. 9gag instagram logo Below are a few in case you find yourself depicting NYC using GIS: The NYC MRP students first learned of the nonprofit organization Solar One during our first week at AAP NYC. E suvidha electricity bill lucknow Our urban design studio took a bicycling field trip to the Manhattan waterfront, and in the midst of our tour of parks and bike trails we visited the home of Solar One in Stuyvesant Cove.

Located between 18th and 23rd Streets, adjacent to the elevated FDR parkway, the small headquarters of this not-for-profit overlooks the East River waters at Stuyvesant Cove. Electricity year invented The Solar One building is a small structure slightly larger than a mobile home with a large triangular south-facing roof covered by photovoltaics (PVs). Gas and supply The building served as an important community gathering point in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy when neighborhood electricity went dark. Electricity dance moms full episode Solar One became a literal beacon of light thanks to its solar panels and its ability to exist apart from the downed Con Ed power grid. Gas bloating pain In the wake of Sandy, Chris Collin (the executive director of Solar One) and his staff shared the building’s power generation with the community.

Electricity definition chemistry They put out electric outlets and encouraged community members to charge mobile phones, laptop computers, and medical equipment. This past Monday evening, Chris gave the MRP students a full rundown of the organization and its history.

Power outage houston zip code The central mission of Solar One is “to provide education and resources that create more sustainable and resilient urban environments.” This takes the form of going into New York City schools to educate students about green energy, hosting community education events in the park, and providing green job workforce training.

But beyond Solar One’s education mission and service to its surrounding community during Sandy, the organization performs an enduring service to the local physical environment by being responsible for the management and maintenance of the park it sits within. O gastronomico In 2002, as part of a request for proposals by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), Solar One was selected to be the nonprofit caretaker of Stuyvesant Cove Park.

Electricity outage chicago At the time, NYCEDC’s request for proposals was responding to community pressure to turn derelict and marginal waterfront space into park land. The challenge was finding a way to ensure long term maintenance for the park while not costing the City additional operation and management costs.

Electricity deregulation At the time, the City’s Parks Department did not have the capacity to take on additional maintenance and consequently refused to accept Stuyvesant Cove into the official parks portfolio of responsibilities. Static electricity online games Acting together, NYCEDC and Solar One established an ingenious symbiotic relationship that has been a win-win for the city. 76 gas credit card login In exchange for roughly $175,000 in annual maintenance services, Solar One receives free rent in the park. An added wrinkle in the creation of a home for Solar One in the park was that after years of fighting for green space, some members of the community did not want to see a building in their new park.

1 unit electricity cost in andhra pradesh Fortunately for all, a compromise was reached in which Solar One’s building was initially agreed to be a temporary structure. Electricity and circuits class 6 questions But, since the nonprofit’s establishment in 2004 and since Hurricane Sandy, the neighborhood sentiment about having a permanent home for Solar One has changed. Types of electricity consumers In the coming years, Solar One will build a $7 million permanent structure in the park.

Electricity billy elliot backing track The building will be elevated 15 ft. I feel electricity in my body above the ground and have room for teaching classrooms, an exhibition space, a cafe, and for Solar One’s offices. Finishing off the week’s speakers was Mitch Korbey.

Grade 6 electricity experiments Currently, Mitch is a partner at Herrick, LLC, where he provides land use planning and real estate law consultation services. Gas vs electric oven efficiency Receiving his law degree in 2003, Mitch spent most of his prior professional career working in the public sector. Immediately after graduating in 1985 from Cornell’s MRP program, Mitch moved back to his home state of Massachusetts where he worked for the city of Beverly’s planning department.

Power vocabulary words From there he took a job working for the NYC Department of City Planning on Staten Island. Specjalizacja z gastroenterologii After a few short years this led to a position in Brooklyn’s City Planning office, ultimately leading to his appointment on a six year commission for the New York City Board of Standards and Appeals.

The below recording recounts Mitch’s professional trajectory, and it is definitely worth a listen as Mitch was up front and humorous in recounting his professional travails. Gas kinetic energy formula Beyond speaking about his career path, a large portion of the recording is dedicated to the topics of transferable development rights (TDRs).

Gas evolution reaction This is an absolutely fascinating genre of zoning and city planning! At its most basic TDRs are about buying and selling air rights for future development. Gas near me cheap Another final portion of the recording is dedicated to the topic of historic districts and the landmarking of buildings. Gas upper back pain According to Mitch, 26% of New York City now falls within an historic district.

J gastroenterol hepatol Broadly speaking, Mitch is skeptical whether the extent of this landmarking is good for the city. Site: