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Maintenance will include proper cleaning and lubrication of the driver and driven bushings. This should be performed at least semi-annually. Weekly inspections of the three wear plugs is recommended before damage occurs to the driven pulley. Replacement of the wear plugs can prevent costly overhaul of the driven unit.

Belts do NOT stretch, they wear out from the sides. Keep the sheaves shiny and use a scotch guard pad or 220 grit sandpaper to get rid of any rust on the sheave to make the belt last longer. Rust will prematurely wear the belt. Once the top of the belt gets below 19/32 (.593) it should be replaced. A loose belt or a narrowed belt will damage the driven unit because the DRIVER will slam into engagement. You will not be getting the top speed from the kart any more and you run into the possibility of the belt getting stuck in the Driven Pulley. All torque converter belts must be cogged on the underside of the belt because they are turning a VERY tight circumference on the DRIVER unit which is only 1.175” in diameter at the powder metal bushing on the driver fixed sheave.

-To properly lubricate the driver unit, it must be cleaned first. After disassembly, justwipe out excess dirt with a clean rag. After the driver unit has been cleaned, apply Max-Torque’s dry lubrication to the angled lop of the weights, the four lobes of the spline, and the hub of the sheave where the bushing rides. Wipe any excess lubrication off the sheaves. Clean the driven unit at the same time you clean the driver. Use the same dry lubricant on the driven unit, the bushing, the spring, the ramps, and wear plugs. When placing the driven unit back on the jackshaft, only use the 2.7" key provided.

-Keep the belt dry when running. Do NOT get oil or lubrication on the belt or the in-side of the sheaves where belt contact is made or excess slip will occur. Oil/lubrication must be cleaned off prior to using your kart or you will destroy the belt.

-Only use the belt provided, it has been designed to open the driven unit sheaves to the proper dimension for the highest speed range. If your belt shows signs of uneven wear, it may be due to the engine crankshaft and jackshaft not being aligned perfectly parallel.

-Your variable speed drive system should be mounted on parallel shafts – the driver on the engine crankshaft parallel to the driven on the jackshaft. In idle, the belt should be straight in the sheaves and square to the crankshaft and jackshaft. Do NOT Float the driver unit on the crankshaft. Only the driven unit floats on the jackshaft to align with the driver clutch as it attains the various speed ratios. The sprocket mounted on the jackshaft must be aligned parallel with the rear sprocket.

-Misalignment can cause damage to the chain. The driver unit must always be in neutral to move in reverse. Any backwards movement while your Variable Speed Drive System is engaged may cause damage, such as unwinding the spring in the driven unit, breaking the wear plugs or damaging the cams. This problem is not covered under The Max-Torque Factory Warranty.