May 20, 2018 – rules of adulting eon gas card top up


Can’t believe it’s already Sunday! I am glad I still have tomorrow off. I’m really anxious to get back to work. I am nervous too. Don’t know what to expect. A lot can change in two weeks! And my co-workers are good, they didn’t give me any news while I was off. They wanted me to not think about work and really relax and come back refreshed.

I have been using my time off by blogging, as you can see, but also ways to save money and pay off my debt faster, which i’ll share here too as I find them. Of course you have to sift through a lot of things before finding real helpful information and I think I did find some cool things. One I did find was Ebates. I kept seeing ads and commercials for it back in the day and figured i’d finally check it out. It’s pretty cool actually. For stuff I am going to buy anyhow, I get cash back! So I figure it’s win/win. And if you join, and spend $25, you get $10 cash back just like that! It seems pretty great for families especially. You can check it out here.

I shopped around for better internet prices as well. Here in Canada, one of the big companies is Bell and I find them just really expensive, not to mention their customer service isn’t very good. I gave them a chance to keep me, but they couldn’t match the pricing I found and I am getting free installation and no setup fees AND the first month free with Virgin, so I couldn’t say no.

I have also been car shopping, mostly without any real intent since I still haven’t gotten my insurance cheque. Will be glad when that is in my hands and I can at least have that behind me. Then to get a car and have THAT behind me. Hoping to bring my car payments down. We’ll see when the time comes.

My insurance is pretty inexpensive and with everything going on, I don’t really want to shop around with everything in limbo so i’m keeping my current provider for another year. It’s not going up by too much. So the only other bill I can cut back on is my electricity. I’m looking into small ways to bring down the electricity bill. Every little bit helps!

The biggest thing after rent and my car that I spend the most on is of course food, so i’m really pushing myself to stick to a budget and i’m not ordering out at all. I am aiming to meal plan more to avoid wasting food and buying what’s on sale, and in bulk when possible too and installing the gas buddy app to try and get the cheapest gas possible. It seems that the car i’m interested in has really good fuel efficiency, more than my old Kia, so i’ll hopefully save money that way too.

It feels good to be taking real concrete steps to get rid of the debt. Those are all the things i’m doing when it comes to my bills to be proactive. And for my current debt, the main goal is to bring down the interest rates by doing balance transfers when possible, and transferring everything I can to the lower interest rate as much as I can.

One other thing I do every Sunday (or try to) is enter contests. It’s something small, and I figure if I don’t enter, I can’t win. Two years ago when I was doing it more regularly, I won a few things. A bunch of board games, a $1000 Visa prepaid card, a cheque for $250, more recently I won a kindle. I just need to make sure i’m doing it regularly and you never know!

So I know I said I would update every Sunday on my progress, and I will starting next week for my weight, but for my debt, it makes more sense to do it bi-weekly since that is how I get paid. And so you’ll see my first update next week on everything 🙂

Also, I am starting to update my social media a bit more. Toying around with the idea of doing a Caturday post weekly too, people seem to love my cats lol. You can check them out on my Facebook or Instagram. I have a Pinterest and Twitter too, but I haven’t gotten too involved on them yet. I’d love it if you follow me here and if you are so inclined to on one of those platforms 🙂 don’t forget to like away and share with anyone who might benefit from any of my rambling.