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Before writing a review I have to explain my special skin condition: It’s been about two years that I’m suffering from a very annoying problem with foundations.foundations don’t sit well on my skin.they don’t also blend well I don’t know how to explain how bad they look on my’s not just about my dry patches or some foundations cakey look. I’ve tried tozens of different foundations and primers and mosturizers and BB and CC creams.I’ve tried to apply them with different brushes,sponges and my finger tips but nothing worked.same problem with concealers,even tinted mosturizers.the only thing that seemed better than other options was this: First,Washing my skin with my skin cleansing device (it’s brush lightly exfoliates my skin and helps me to get rid off dead skin cells) and a creamy cleanser.then I use Atoderm Bioderma cream to hydrate and soften my dry skin and I usually mix it with two pumps of caudalie devine oil.then I apply my BB or CC cream.I pour few drops og my caudalie oil on a brush and then I use it to blend my cream..even after going through this process my skin problem is still there,just less sever.there are still some dry residues sitting on my cheeks,around mouth,on my forhead and nose.I can’t even think of wearing a heavy foundation or wearing even a sheer BB cream without applying rich softening creams and oil Now about maybelline dream fresh BB cream: Maybelline is an almost popular makeup brand in my country but I didn’t know about this BB cream.I read about it here,in makeupalley.I was ecxited to see numerous reviews claiming that it’s sheer,good for dry skins and has a dewy finish After searching couple of malls and makeup stores and websites,I finally found it online.light-medium was the only available shade and it was 9$ When I recieved it I applied some on my cheek.I didn’t use oil or even moisturizer because I just wanted to test it’s color on my skin I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it blended nicely with my didn’t clinge to my dry patches and didn’t left any chalky residue.after two years I could wear a tinted cream and look at the mirror with a smile.actually it sits so well on my skin that it’s difficult to recognize I’m wearing makeup! It’s not oily at all.doesn’t make my skin look’s sheer and moisturizes my skin,but I have more runny and more sheer bb creams which don’t sit well on my doesn’t have a real dewy or wet finish on me.not a matte one has a beautiful glow which doesn’t left as it dries down I was so happy to find a BB cream that sits well on my skin that I didn’t think ahout it’s cons.maybelline dream fresh bb cream has almost no coverage! from a scale of 0-10(consider 0 as untinted moisturizer)this BB cream’s coverage is 1! It doesn’t cover my imprrfections,even tiny ones.also it’s color is exactly like my natural skin color.I’m happy that it doesn’t have irange undertone like some other bb creams but I prefered it to be slightly lighter.when I apply it on half of my face,it’s deficult to recognize it’s difference with my bare skin.the only difference is lumineous look it gives to my skin,as if I’ve blended a drop of highlighter with an untinded mostirizer I’m still happy to find this little gem.I’m going to apply more to see wheter I can build up it’s coverage or not and if not,I’m going to buy maybelline concealer to cover spots on my skin.I hope that concealer blend well with it For now I’ll give it four lipsticks but it can easily improve to five. Eventhough there’s almost no coverage I love it

i’M USING THIS UNDER milani Conceal & perfect fondation which after updating their shades is the best foundation out there….. BEST BB CREAM OUT THERE. If you are NC 15, you will be able to wear this in light/med as it’s a perfect match but I sometimes mix the medium with it to add a little more color. It’s sheer, but you can layer it and get coverage. I wait til it sets a little and put a little dusting of physicians formula speckled talc free powder in transluscent over top and then a little bit of the same powder in Buff beige for a little added color. I was going to try a Maybelline foundation on top, but maybe I won’t! This really can be used as a light foundation. i have a few spots I have to use concealer on, but this is SO NICE! Doesn’t settle into pores. NEVER cakey…accepts powder well and it lasts! This lasted me longer than most foundations! Likely because I powdered it a little but it looked wonderful. On the first day I wore it, as the day went on….it looked better…..a little glowy…not greasy….but natural. It melts into your skin and doesn’t sit on the top like foundation….I think this might be why it lasted so long..Not sure if you were outside sweating what would happen, but I REALLY REALLY love this…thanks Wayne Goss! It’s not greasy, gives a subtle glow and is just heaven….I’m super sensitive and doesnt break me out. And it was dirt cheap….like $6.50!!! Feels like nothing on….and unlike most BB creams, it’s not orange! I have even gotten away with using the Medium alone….and I layered it… never turned orange and to me, it gave me a subtle healthy glow but the color was so pretty…maybe because of the powder combo I used. I am super combo skin and this "feels" good on….it feels moisturizing when you put it on but it does set beautifully. I use my fingers. I think if you used a brush, this would be streaky….you want to rub this in….probably my most favorite thing I’ve ever tried! And it’s cheap! and you can find it everywhere!