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On or about June 21, I stopped and got my daughter a Happy Meal from Mcdonald on Skibo/Morganton in Fayetteville, NC. After driving for a few minutes. I told my child to give me the milk so I can open it. She had already drunk the majority of the milk. I asked how did she open it, she said it was open. I then stopped to check and there was not a seal on the milk at all. I said a prayer over her and waited to see if anything happened. By 1 or 2 am she was vomitting everywhere, consistently. I took her to the doctor, who agree that she had been food poisoned. I contacted Mcdonald and was told the manager was in a meeting and then hung up on. I went to the store. I talked to a supervisor who seemed like the only person to care. She went to get the manager and was sent out with a number to give me. I told her that was not good enough and I wanted to speak to the manager. The manager finally came out and I realized when I pulled up, the manager was standing outside laughing and giggling with a person outside. She didn’t want to tell me who the owner was or be helpful. I finally got a phone number out of her to corporate. I proceeded to call corporate and was basically ignored for a two weeks after speaking to Jorge who seem all too concerned. NOT. on July 27th after sending my daughter doctor papers 2 wks prior, I was offered free food for my inconveniences at any McDonalds in North Carolina. What kind of compensation is this? Who’s going to compensate me for my daughters pain and suffering, for my doctor visit, for the daycare time that I still had to pay for even though my child was home sick, for the time I took off work due to this situation, and for the rude service from the majority of McDonalds workers. If I had went in that store and was treated like I was someone, then I would have settled for some coupons and reimbursement of doctor bills. McDonald’s need to work on their people skills. Have anyone else been food poisoned by mcDonalds and treated like it was nothing?

I visit the McDonalds in Pittsburg, Ca on Bailey Road frequently. Each and every time I have ordered the Asian Chicken Salad they never put the almonds in the bag until I check and ask them where they are. Two times the staff did not know what I was talking about because they didn’t know English. The drive through has a window that is suppose to display the confirmed order & price. It does not display either. The staff, in other locations, tells you the total before reaching the collection window. This did not happen. The price varies from $4.83 to $5.19… go figure. Today was $5.19. There was mostly iceberg lettuce (over 80%) which has not been usual for this salad. There were no bell peppers and the sliced carrots were two pieces the size of a nickel and thinner than siran wrap! The chunks of iceberg lettuce where so big that they resembled 1/4 to 1/8 of the whole head of lettuce (again unusual for this salad). Had I not visited other locations as well and found them consistently the same, I would have nothing to compare this to. Whoever cares about this location should make an effort to correct some of these issues!

My spouse decided to stop at the McDonalds on Broadway and Granville Street in Vancouver, BC tonight to grab us something to eat. With it being rainy and all you dont really feel like cooking. So she asked what I would like and I told her that I would like a Big Mac with a large fries and a coke to drink. We’re in to playing the whole monopoly thing. I was on the phone with her when she went up to order as she was making sure she got the order right. Right after she ordered my Big Mac the server told her that the McDonalds was out of meat. HOW CAN YOU BE OUT OF MEAT?! so we discussed for a minute what we would like and both decided on the McGrill or whatever its called. By this time i was a little peeved. How can a fast food restaurant be out of meat? Shouldnt they be prepared for something like this? So my spouse ordered the McGrill for us, and as she was ordering I was hollaring out that they should serve it to me in a Big Mac box so that I can get my pieces. no chance of that. if we wanted chicken then we would have to wait close to ten mins. We decided to not eat at mcdonalds after that because there were busses that had to be caught and the rain was coming down harder. How the hell can mcdonalds be so unprepared? If they’re such a big franchise serving over a million people a day how do they run out what they are supposed to be serving?

I believe this to be the worst rip-off by McDonalds to date. It far surpasses anything concerning cold food or poor service. This said location plus another I visited in N.C turned out to be the same. Most everyone orders a value meal at the counter, gets there food, pays the bill, and sits to eat or leaves the drive thru window. Sometime you receive a receipt, sometimes you don’t. If you do get one take the time look it over closely and use a calculator. When purchasing a value meal, on the sales slip you are charged for the sandwich and fries for one price and the drink is separate. In every McDonalds the prices for value meals are posted behind the counter. In both restaurant I have visited, I added the two prices on my bill to the price on the board. Not to my surprise they were different. On my bill I was charged 10 cents more for the meal than it was advertised on the board. These were two different restaurants in two different states. How many others do the same, I don’t know, but I bet it’s more than you think. At 10 cents per value meal sold at each location over the course of a year or longer is a pretty good chunk of change. That’s why I think this is the mother of all fast food rip-offs just because no one really thinks to check the receipt, and there all getting taken to the cleaners 10 cents at a time.