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8/09: I left Medina and went to Germany after Medina was converted into Rajneesh school, which was kind of a shock to me. Munich (therapy department of the Rajneesh centre there), therapy guest house in an old water mill in Niederbayern (Bavaria) and moved to Spain in 1998. I am selling horses here and running guest rooms B&B together with my husband Jan who is a diving instructor. 3 kids (88,89, 00)

Now: I did Osho bodywork in a private practice for 15 years with breaks in Pune. I started the Osho Meditation Center in downtown Oslo in Nov 93 and have been running my own book and music shop here in Oslo for two years, Zen Book & Music. The shop includes a wide selection of Osho books and meditations. I distribute all over the country and have theme events in the shop every other week with live music and silent meditations.

11/13: Seersha O’Sullivan is a medicine woman and teacher with 30 years experience within the field of complementary therapy. She has recognised qualifications in shamanic healing, reflexology, reiki, Indian head massage, Bach flower remedies, teaching and counselling. Seersha began her training in 1982 while she was a disciple of Indian mystic Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho), working in his ashrams. She learned Native American style drum making with Patrick Pinson of the Mingo tribe and trained in sweatlodge protocol and ceremonies with Ken Littlefish Durrant, medicine man of the Native American Church. Recently she studied with the Andean master shaman and mystic (Kurak Akulleq) Don Juan Núñez del Prado and has been initiated as a 4th level paqo. For the past seven years Seersha has worked with Eliana Harvey at the Shamanka School of Shamanism at Middle Piccadilly in Dorset. She lives with her husband Sw Svarupdas at Champlain’s Well Great Mongeham Deal Kent

7/7/04: Amy Mudita had a little girl, It was along two days slog and everyone is very tired, but Senna, is now here, ,arriving 6pm yesterday, 8lbs 8 oz with dark hair and very long legs. with as tough a battle as her namesake Ayrton often had. electricity trading Amazing, over the moon. 12 days late and we’d filled the freezer, stocked the nappy corner and nearly run out of gentle occupation to keep us busy.

Now: Broke his back and is in a wheelchair now, loves visitors. The body is still pretty paralysed in the St. John’s Wood nursing home. electricity kwh calculator The continual pain seems at last to be relieved by two good souls working with craniosacral and with homeopathy. This has brought enormous well being. Alankar has secured a house for them in a north london suburb and they hope to flit in August. Miten and Premal gave a benefit concert in July 02.

& The son of one of the founders of the BBC and a russian princess, he was a fighter pilot in the second world war, a farmer in South Africa, a carpenter, musical instrument maker, a journalist, a teacher…. he loved the kids and teaching. Most important was for him the spiritual. He was a follower of Gurdjieff’s in the fourties, and became Osho’s sanyassin in the seventies. He worked for many years with a Zen master, and we had a last discussion saturday (about Zen, of course). He knew that he would not last much longer, and prepared himself for his death. Yesterday (8. Feb. 2006) he was taken to hospital, he refused to have his life prolonged artificially, and he died in the night, about 11:30. Kept his dignity to the end.. (Nishakar)

Update 12/12: After leaving Medina with Diana and young Satsoma I eventually went back to advertising storyboarding in a large London agency for work and bringing up Satsoma. Married to Salli since 1991. What I remember Bhagwan telling me more than anything else was to be myself. I still regard myself as a Sannyasin. I am now a painter, here is a PDF of some of my latest work: Naked Biked Ride

4/02 been in Tiruvanamalai-India- Arunachala after papaji left body. Now for 2 years in Essex. Western world/big change/now settling and learned like everybody here to run all day and even get stressed out!, I am basically being a householder and an obsessive gardener. Sometinmes remember being a London house mama and a gardener at buddha hall, getting all ready before osho would drive for discourse. electricity lessons 4th grade Now, I always keep it tidy, well, just as an invitation for all the Gods to come by.Its my offering to them, Osho used to call it worship. I LOOOOOOVe gardening. I suppose I made out of where i live like an ashram because thats the only way i know and the only way it comes to me, I will see how to manage, if,…, to go to india for a while each now and then to tiru of course.

(8/04) Since 1989 based in London and worked in Humaniversity house in Crouch End with Nirmala, Jonathon and Co. Left with Atmarama (previously of Humaniversity, Netherlands) and travelled to Europe. Returned to London. Last visit to Poona was 1994 where fell ill with Hypermanic Episode. Father came out to take me home. Tragically, father died some 6 weeks after our return from Poona and sannyas sort of took a back burner. Since then have gone back to college, completed secretarial course and English/Media degree and have tried to build bridges with mother and sister, following death of father (previously Punitam). Now with BA (and consequent student debt) I have moved to Bristol where I am now living with my partner Mark, who I met whilst temping at Lloyds TSB.

5/03 Changed her name from Ma Anand Samapatti after Neeraj,her lover,died a few years ago. gas near me app Samapatti is ex-Medina (design studio).She owns her own house in the middle of Glastonbury and runs it like a studio,having three rooms dedicated to artwork (Dream on Samapatti!).She paints,sculpts,helps Simant with his business(has a page in his catalogue),is in the middle of a postal Psychosynthesis course(in which she has raked through the entire contents of her subconcious and made little figures of all the subpersonalities she has found there!) and then,to top it all she gets up at 5am every morning,puts on a uniform and delivers letters for Royal Mail! (It must be the commune training!) The best bit thoug (to her mind) is that when she gets in from her delivery, she then does a shortened dynamic meditation every day. (Friends disagree!) Incidentally, Samapatti has a spare room that she says sannyasins are welcome to stay in if they want to check out Glastonbury Location: Englands reputation as being, as one Sufi Master puts it ‘the new Religious centre of the world.’ of the residents would put it (No kidding!) an open air lunatic asylum!

9/10 I am working with Path of Love as process facilitator and leader after being trained for 15 years with Rafia and Turiya. I also work privately with psychotherapy, meditation and counselling, and run a drug and alcohol rehabilitation business called The Bay; I live in Myocum and am in a relationship with Mairead who you know from your sustainability work.

25sep10: Yesterday she was given two days to live by doctors. They found she had lung cancer. Apparently she has been in hospital with lung problems, but previously they said it was not cancer, maybe a fungus. So this is a bolt out of the blue. The doctors asked how she wanted to die, and she said, "Surrounded by friends." SImant called Croydon Hall, where we are at a meditation weekend to ask that we could celebrate and keep her in mind. She has friends all over the world, so I thought I would let you know too. 26sept: I heard last night (Saturday) from Simant, that Samveta had left her body that morning, even before I sent my email…. Apparently Asanga and Samvida, Asanga’s daughter was there, and it was very beautiful. She had asked for the life support system to be switched off, and to be sedated.

Then: I used to work in the printing factory at Brandon while I was at Medina, and yes, I’m back in NZ. After I left Medina in ’83 I returned here for a couple of years before spending the next 10 years in Fremantle, Australia (where there’s still a flourishing sannyasin community, I gather) and Winterthur, Switzerland. I returned to NZ in 1995 and have been here ever since.

4/10 I am currently living in Auckland, New Zealand, and am the father of Rei (son, 8) and Liya (daughter, 6). I work as a lecturer at a polytech and since 2008 have been a part-time resident at Osho Absurdistan, a community north of Auckland, led by Zahira, who used to lead the Sufi groups in Poona. It’s very beautiful, and I’m hoping to live there at least several months a year once I retire. The frailties of the body are becoming more and more noticeable as the years go by!

10/04: I’m still looking back at my years in Medina with very warm feelings. The only ones I still have contact with – of course Ateet – Sakino (living here in Munich) and Agama in Italy. What I did in between – well, after all, only 20 years ago – basicaly some textile design, working in companies with english bosses, my favourite; with kids and babies, colour councelling, interiour designe Feng Shui sessions. Well, that’s the way how geminis wander through life. Living here in Munich since 18 years, especially the countryside and the mountains I love about this place. Since my midlife crisis is over – about 8 years ago – live becomes more and more easy, of course not on the outside! My next project is working with Ateet, the only combination we haven’t had since we know each other.

6/06: I’m go on working as dairy technitian. I’m working now as a industrial manager in a dairy factor in Brasil. I also give breath sessions and translate books from English to Portuguese mainly neo advaita stuff. Veet Amo than 3,5 and now 24, are musician as I am and study music at the university. youtube gas station karaoke I have also a dauther Ma Prem Padmini, 16. Me and Kamalesh, promote meditation groups, and produce the Satsangs of the now enlightened Sw Satyaprem (therapist in Poona till 2000) here in the inner of São Paulo.

03 (from samapatti) Ex-Medina resident (Photographer and technician in the design studio)Vandano has further protected himself by now being a 2nd Dan in Akido!(Scary!) He earns his living by making sculptures of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and designs a local esoteric magazine called bves with and prints the cards of: MA PREM NUTANA (Nutana Parr) an aristocratic long blond haired goddess who in the last few years has begun making money selling her lovely cards of trees and Goddesses that Vandano has put out on the internet. They live just outside Glastonbury with,four little dogs,in a village where everybody seems to want to mow their lawn as soon as you go out in the garden (they say.) They would like to stress that they are not into art for therapeutic reasons,(as Simant and Samapatti are.)Vandano is into it for exploring ideas and Nutana is into it to convey her love of the Spirit of trees and the landscape.(In other words,they’re not as terminally fucked up as the other two!)