Mediterranean diet – recipe for longevity the quebec telegram gas water heater reviews 2013


The inhabitants of Mediterranean countries have always been famous for its health, beauty and endurance. They have less people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, and life expectancy one of the highest. In addition, they look great and have a trim figure. Mediterranean diet and cuisine what is the difference?

The Mediterranean diet and the Mediterranean cuisine is a little different concepts. There is a diet that focuses on healthy eating and eating foods that are very popular in the Mediterranean climate. It is typically used to lose weight, though it may be considered rather as a side effect. However, compared to the usual Mediterranean cuisine, it has more dietary dishes, which are easier to prepare in the conditions of Ukraine and other countries. And yet both ways of power supply are considered healthy.

Why is this so focuses? Yes, because the inhabitants of the Mediterranean basin have always used a fairly hearty. Cheeses, particularly soft and oily, always had enough in Greece, in France and in Italy. In Corsica and now every day we eat a variety of sausages are homemade. One of the most popular dishes are the chestnuts in a fatty cream. They often make with dried goat meat. In addition, the French and Italian cuisine no one refused pies, cooked in lard or mutton. Not so long ago the most popular way of cooking pasta was cooking them in the same fat. They served, of course, more meat than vegetables. It is clear that it is not diet products. Fat yogurt, cream and ice cream? What diet will see such an abundance of fat? Cholesterol galore, and everything else added a dozen eggs a week. And in some incredible way these people still live long and healthy.

Of drinks as it is always better to drink pure water without gas and as much as possible. In a standard variant 2 liters a day, and if the street is summer and the heat, water you can drink even more. You can also drink tea, unsweetened coffee and a little red wine.

In any diet it is important to notice that the salads, which are very much in Mediterranean cuisine, never dressed with mayonnaise. Even if it is made at home. As a dressing use olive oil, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice. All this can be mixed with herbs, which can unleash their taste and aroma. But what about snacks?

In this food there is 6 meals, as in many other diets, but all three completely full, do not take extra time during the day and completely saturate the body with everything they need. So no snacking and speech can not be. In such a hearty lunch, the snack must also be significant. And so it is possible and healthy to grow stout.

So, if you are already very much want something to chew on, then fit the nuts, carrots, berries, yogurt, small pieces of fruit (just slices, not three apples and mango to boot). Also often eat the grapes, but you need to look at the season. Recipes of the Mediterranean diet

Sure, you will really love this diet. It is possible there is so much to choose from, you can even arrange different days, each of which will be a kitchen of a certain country. The food is so varied that losing weight is a fun experiment, and diet will want to continue for life. It really is possible to make, because these foods have everything the body needs and in sufficient quantity. Sometimes to go with a dietary nutrition in favor of traditional. But some foods in the diet can be replaced, slightly adapting them to the conditions of our country. Recipes for an incredible variety and variations they have are also different. So we provide only a General description combining below the most popular recipes of this cuisine.

• Meatballs mixture of beef and pork mince. They are first stewed and then covered with cheese and baked in the oven until a beautiful crust, beneath which stretched the cheese. Cheese with meat in this case seems like a very bold combination, but it’s incredibly tasty, and occasionally you can pamper yourself in this dish.