Meet the candidates for the class of 2021 news tortugas ninjas

I had a really difficult time transitioning to college, like many of us freshmen probably did. I really struggled to find people who I connected with and, because of that, I spent my first month and a half pretty miserable here. I joined a little program called FLEX, though, and everything changed for me. I had the “ah-ha” moment I had never had before, and I absolutely fell in love with Virginia Tech.

Throughout the past few months, I have learned a lot about myself and what I want out of my college experience. I want the traditions that have made Virginia Tech special for generations to contribute to strengthen tradition here at VT. As vice president, I would oversee the Ring Dance committee, which is one of the oldest (and most awesome) things we do here. I am currently president of the Campbells and Egglestons Hall Council, and I deal primarily with planning events, which I believe will definitely help me to plan our class Ring Dance. Ultimately, I am running because I have come to really love Virginia Tech and all the amazing things that make it home, like class office. I believe my skill set is perfect for the position, and I sincerely hope I get the chance to give back to the incredible community of people who, in just a few months, have given me more than I could ever imagine.

While every candidate is qualified for the position, people should vote for me to be our vice president because I not only have the spirit and love for Tech that is necessary, I also am extremely hardworking and dedicated. I will give this position my all, and I hope that people can see that in me. Treasurer

I am running for treasurer because the idea of community and family has always been a large part of me. By serving as treasurer, it would allow me to foster a strong bond between the Class of 2021, those who have gone before us and those who will come after us by making the most out of every task and event with effective budgeting and allocation of funds.

People should vote for me because there are a lot of important people in the world and I am not one of them. I am no more than a student with a powerful work-ethic and passion for serving the Class of 2021. I would love to have the privilege and opportunity of strengthening our Hokie tradition and taking care of the important people in this community: the students and alumni of Virginia Tech by making sure that everything they have ever hoped to become comes true. Historian Dana Engebreth

People should vote for me because I’m very spirited and want to be able to give back to my school. I also love taking pictures and would love to be able to capture our times here and display them in artistic and aesthetic ways so that way we can make every moment at Virginia Tech memorable. Secretary Abby Darko

Each and every day, I work hard to uphold the principles of “Ut Prosim” and represent Virginia Tech well. I believe in the mission of the class system to promote and uphold Virginia Tech traditions. Being elected into class office would give me the opportunity to serve my class and entire Virginia Tech community. I want to run for class secretary because I strongly believe that through my enthusiasm and dedication, I can provide the Class of 2021 with the inspiration to leave their mark and make our class unforgettable!

I firmly believe I possess the skills, experience and passion necessary to make a positive impact on the Virginia Tech community. If selected, I will help preserve the traditions that make Virginia Tech unique. As secretary, I will be organized, diligent and supportive of my fellow officers.

People should vote me for Female Member-at-Large because I am passionate about being the voice for female members of our class. I will always be open to new opinions and feedback from all members of our class. I hope to serve as a class officer and make sure 2021 is well represented!