Meeting notes may 15, 2018 — ken j. kary 4 gas planets


The May 15th Council Meeting started out with the Environmental Planning Committee addressing three (3) projects proposing to start in Willoughby. The first is a project to demolish the existing BP Gas Station at 4015 Erie Street and replace it with a 3,500 square foot bank. Second, we are reviewing the proposal of a 75’x50’x16′ structure erected for cold storage for State Route 2 maintenance vehicles and equipment at 38585 Pelton Road. Finally, there is a proposed project for a new 7,288 square foot building on Mentor Avenue (the site of the old Putt-Putt location). This is a plan for chiropractic business, with 2,011 square feet of tenant space.

· The Environmental Planning Committee had, as a task, to assess and review Environmental Assessment Statements (EAS) 6-5-18, 7-5-18 and 8-5-18. As you may recall the EAS looks at traffic impact, storm-water issues, fire and police demands, noise, water and air pollution, demands on the schools, hazardous waste, and the timeline of construction.

o EAS 6-5-18 is for a Bank to replace the current BP Gas Station at 4015 Erie Street. It must be pointed out that the plans presented meet all the zoning requirements for the district. There are no concerns for the City Engineer nor Police and Fire. Our Building and Zoning Inspector did mention the possibility of a need for a C.U.P. from Planning Commission for the drive-through. There will be a need for a "control manhole" on the property. Finally, the city and Planning Commission is asking the developer to provide them with a “prominent” area to be set aside for the installation of a significant piece of Public Art to be displayed at that location.

o EAS 7-5-18 is the proposal for a cold storage facility on Pelton Road to house road maintenance equipment for the County of Lake. This proposal was approved to enable the County an opportunity to provide a storage facility for equipment needed to service Rt. 2. The equipment is currently stored in Painesville.

o EAS 8-5-18 is for a 7,288 square foot facility that will have tenant space as well as house a chiropractic facility. This has been a long-awaited development for this particular property. The primary concerns are with landscaping. There were recommendations for the developer to increase the amount of landscaping as well as to address the Streetscape to Mentor Avenue with more landscaping.

· We had a few speakers who addressed Council with their support and thanks for Council placing on the agenda Ordinance No 2018-57 and Ordinance No 2018-58. These two ordinances together would remove "skeet and trap shooting" from the cities ordinances.

· The important point to make here is that the City has decided that this decision to allow the shooting to take place was not in the best interest of the City and its neighboring communities. Kirtland Country Club has a CUP to shoot at specific times, and that will continue. They are "grandfathered" because they did receive a CUP to allow the practice. Council cannot amend the ordinance and take away that right they were granted. There still will be attention given to this practice to make sure that the impact is in no way escalated causing more problems for the residents of Willoughby and Kirtland.

o An ordinance amending Chapter 943 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Willoughby, Ohio, titled, "Tree Planting and Management"’ specifically, Section 943.13, titled "Trimming of Trees Not involving Public Property." This ordinance was amended to place controls on the "removal" of dead or dangerous trees on the city. It specifically calls for the trees to be cut down to a level as close to the ground as possible in hopes of avoiding the "accidental" or "intentional" creation of tree stumps that would pose to be a problem.

o This is a resolution authorizing the Mayor to enter into a Letter of Engagement on behalf of the City of Willoughby with Stephen John Futterer, Attorney at Law. It is relative to a notice of filing bankruptcy filed by Richard M. Osborne, Sr. This action deals with the legal proceedings that have been going on for years in regards to the Riverside Commons Development. I will share more on this in the future when it is appropriated to comment. Because this situation is still in the courts, I cannot share any details at this time.

o A resolution honoring and commending David Schell, Executive Director of Ohio Living Breckenridge Village, for 30 years of dedicated service to the benefit of the City of Willoughby. Mr. Schell is retiring from Breckenridge Village and his contributions to not only Breckenridge, but the city has been "tremendous." Best wishes to Mr. Schell on his retirement.

The mayor spoke briefly on the plans for the City to work towards being an Arts and Cultural Center. Those that followed his campaign know that he feels strongly about this designation and along with that the substantial economic benefits that can arise from having that distinction. He has traveled to many cities with the same goals, and their growth and prosperity have all blossomed because of these efforts. One area that is currently being looked at is the hopes to have created and installed some very important public art pieces (sculptures) that would relate to Willoughby and its history. More on this in the future.

Mr. Sayles took the time to report that all the studies and plans for an “upgrade” to the traffic light at Lost Nation Road-Westminster-Adkins are complete. All the engineering recommendations have now been placed in the hands of the Traffic and Service Department.

Mr. Bock reported that work will be taking place in June on this traffic light with the hopes that it will be complete by the end of the month. It will provide turning arrows for traffic traveling North and South on Lost Nation Road. These turning arrows will provide quicker and safer left-hand turns onto Westminster and Adkins from Lost Nation Rd. It is also proposed that the light will be timed to address the am and pm rush hour to aid in this traffic issue.

The views I express in these Council Meeting Summaries are my own and do not reflect any official view or position of the City of Willoughby. The “official” Council Minutes are posted on the City of Willoughby Website