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In times of health and safety madness – Diggerland is brilliant ! Diggerland is not like going to a typical ‘Theme park where your kids just sit and have the activity amuse them – here the kids are fully involved. Its great for parents and kids I have 2 kids – (4 11 boy and girls) and Diggerland was the perfect place for them to go and both have a brilliant time. There are about 15 different activities from Digging with FULL SIZE JCB’s to driving full size BOB CATS and mini sized Land Rovers electricity outage houston tx. Older children can drive a 4 x 4 fully supervised – must be 1.4 m + You have to be 0.9 m tall (about gas yoga 4 years old) to drive/go on most of the machinery. Its well supervised and safe – but its great fun. Kids can sit on your lap of simply do it themselves (on most things) (Everything is free – time limited but then you can re-que ! Its £1 for the bumper cars but dont bother !) At £17.50 its great value – the waiting times were small [Less than 5 mins] – Food is good and the shop is pretty fairly priced. Very helpful and friendly staff ! You can spend a whole day here – kids will not get bored ! If it raining take wellies ! More Show less

Took our three year old here for his fourth birthday – confusing I know. He wanted to come here as soon as he heard it existed. I have to be honest, I was a bit apprehensive when I saw some of the pictures as the whole thing seemed to be in a large muddy field, but it isn’t, far from it. The whole electricity origin thing was really well organised and laid out. with concrete paths and gates and everything… not concrete gates, obviously… or concrete everythi… oh, you know what I mean. Our little boy had a great time, being just over a metre tall he was able to ride on pretty much everything which was vital to the enjoyment of the day. He did need an adult to go on with him which absolutely sucked. You can imagine, grown men being forced to ride diggers, bulldozers electricity measurements units and tractors. It was hell on earth. I would recommend going in good weather if you can as it is rather exposed to the elements and it does take a few hours to everything. We also went out of season (yesterday) and got there when it opened. This meant that we could get around the park without queues. If it does get busy you can always head to the bottom end of the park and work back as that way you will go against the flow. I’ll give you that tip for free. You owe me. Only real downside is that it is rather expensive if you static electricity definition science have children over 90cm as they have to pay the full price. It cost us the best part of £45 for all of us but, let’s be honest, the adults get as much fun as the children – my wife can now say she has driven a JCB digger, now where else could you say that?

With the sun out we took our 8 12 yr old’s to Diggerland today. Yes at £18 it is expensive but used Tesco vouchers and at £5 per person was very pleased. With only about a 5 min wait ( some rides no wait at all!!! ) per ride it was perfect, the boys loved being able to ride full size diggers on their own. Some were digging in a big hole with smaller diggers for pulling ducks out of water/ bricks out of stones to knock down electricity sources uk pegs. There was plenty of things for smaller children too like sandpit/indoor soft play area/go-karts smaller digger rides , an off roader ride on a dirt track with the family even a show. There was lots to keep you there all day and you get to ride the diggers too which is an experience! Best bit of day was the look on my 12 yr old’s face when he got to drive a 4×4 by himself!!! ( Diggerland staff electricity generation by source by state sat by his side on a dirt track with us in back I think it had a 5 mph speed limit lol…… thank God !! ) he loved it being a real vehicle made him feel so grown up. Staff were very helpful friendly the place clean tidy. GREAT!!!!!! loved the day kids can’t wait to go back which is always the real seal of a good day out.