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Having access to the resources and treasures hidden deep within the ocean is near impossible without a domesticated sea creature. The Megalodon, though difficult gas in dogs symptoms to domesticate, proves to be very useful when exploring the deep sea. It’s not the most efficient swimmer but it should be able to protect your cargo should you find yourself in a hostile encounter.

After visiting Sir Edmund Rockwell, Helena went to The Island’s ocean to study marine life with the help of the Painted Shark tribe, she wanted to find a pattern between the mainland and ocean ecosystems to understand the scientific abnormalities on this island. One of the creatures she studied was megalodon, this creature is extremely different from what she knows about sharks back home. Their aggressiveness stood in contrast to most sharks gasbuddy login, which are territorial, and their gestation period only lasts for one week. Their intelligence was also confusing. Sharks are neither mammalian nor avian; they’re fish that rely on instinct, but what she saw didn’t make sense – megalodon can be easily trained by survivors to make them obedient and can be ridden.

Megalodons will stay in the deeper waters unless attacking prey, but even then they rarely enter shallow areas. They are aggressive and can swim faster than most creatures, including the player. They also aggro on a player from a very long distance, therefore it is not uncommon that the player suddenly has to deal with multiple Megalodons at once.

• For taming, the best method is to tranquilize one or a few Megalodons which are enticed into shallow waters by swimming. Since the bow cannot be fired underwater, but can be fired into water for at least a short distance, an effective way to tame Megalodons is to tranquilize them in shallow waters with 10-30 Tranq arrows. One method of doing this is to build an elevated platform from which to fire arrows into the water. Keep in mind, this method electricity transmission and distribution costs will draw numerous Megalodons, which will occasionally swarm and target your tamed Megalodon, so bring plenty of arrows and be prepared to defend your new companion.

• Chumming, which is killing a smaller fish and holding it in your hand while on the beach, or even gas quality by brand just setting it on the beach, will attract any Megalodons in the area to it. They will swarm the beach trying to get to the fish. Sometimes they will beach themselves and die. (This will not cause Megalodons to spawn if they are not in the area; so try to do it in places where you see them swimming off in the distance.)

• Find a Megalodon in somewhat shallow waters, and then have another player aggro the Megalodon by stepping in and out of the water in their aggro range. While the other player does this, shoot it with Tranquilizer Arrows. Repeat until it is knocked unconscious. The rocks that are just under the water in the sea are a good taming spot for this. Stand gas x strips directions on a shallow spot and the sharks will stick their heads out to attack you, allowing you to easily shoot them with a bow.

Make sure you see it coming! Escape if you cannot fight, or instigate the battle if ready. If you plan to engage a Megalodon via the shoreline, make sure you have either a Sword, Pike, or an adequate supply of Spears. Megalodons appear to lose interest in the player when the player is swimming in shallow water around the beaches. Thus, a very easy way to deal with even large groups of Megalodons is to lure them into the water around the beaches and repeatedly stab them until they die, as they will not attack the player. Just make sure that you keep an eye on your Stamina!

Ranged weapons such as the bow or Longneck Rifle can’t be fired while swimming. Only the crossbow or harpoon gun can be used underwater, otherwise the player is left to a frantic stabbing battle with a pike or sword so make sure you bring a crossbow or harpoon gun if you plan to go underwater. Use a Longneck rifle or bow if you plan to fire at it from land, which is the safer option. Alternatively, if the player wishes electricity resistance questions to deal with Megalodons via the beaches, melee weapons such as Spears or a Pike are essential.

• WaterKiller: While not being as strong as a Mosasaurus or a plesiosaur, the Megalodon is a good water creature for gathering fish meat. The Megalodon is also good at killing mantas and icthys, and is even able to kill a Plesiosaur if it has high health and damage, making it safe for transport and great for gathering meat. (Level up health, damage and if needed stamina)

• Strangely, the dossier for this creature states; Were it not restricted to the waters, Carcharodon ultramegalodon might be the most dangerous creature on the island. This is likely an exaggeration, as it has only half the health of a Rex. It also has less health and damage than Spinosaur. The most capable waterborne cheapest gas in texas predator is Mosasaurus.