Mehcad brooks, known by his moniker king gvpsv, releases new single duke electric orlando


I’m still learning. The music biz is a lot different than Hollywood. Success in one does not denote success in the other. However that same drive, hunger, work ethic and passion does apply. And you have to have the ability to learn new things. I have had a lot of success in film and TV and instead of being in Cannes like I could have been, I was in the basement in Atlanta learning to sing, in Brooklyn electricity transformer near house learning to compose, and in LA getting ripped off before I knew any better about the industry. The learning curve is real, but all of the setbacks I’ve had in this journey are nothing compared to my passion or my work ethic.

I was raised by women, my step father came along when I was around 10. He is amazing but I was always drawn to my mother’s perspective. Also pursuing my spiritual path has helped a lot. I figure if you’re a man raised in a patriarchal society and haven’t questioned the electricity in water pipes inherited agreements that established that society then you’re sexist. Period. There’s no way you can’t be. Doesn’t mean your malicious. Doesn’t mean you’re going to use your male privilege to hurt women. But it does mean we need to be aware of our interactions as men as it relates to women and determine whether or not we harbor double standards or inequitable treatment towards women.

I can’t help but feel that Oceans z gas tecate telefono expands on the issues of gender inequality, lack of self-worth that women have faced, how men have contributed to that and, at the risk of not delving into such heavy waters, it also reminds me that our significant other is the mirror to us and, at times, that reflection kicks up wounds that still need healing. Can you tell me me why you felt this to be an important message to deliver?

Yes! I’m happy you saw that. Women have been abused, taken for granted, diminished and victimized and every relationship is supposed to make you better at relating to others and yourself. In fact it’s in the name. Relation-ship. You relate to a ship or a vessel for the soul for 76 gas station hours as long as it makes sense and brings you joy. In this process you discover so much about yourself and others and that’s what they are for. Oceans, in a sense, is an ode to the loss of the traditional male/female connection. About a woman who claims her femininity in whatever way she sees fit. No matter her man’s opinion, no matter any man’s opinion. She does not need a leader. She needs someone to walk by her side. And if we as men can set our pride aside I think we will see an equal if not a superior being just trying to figure out what’s best for their gas station near me open lives just the same as we are.

Oceans is about the metaphor inherent in the word “relationship”. I believe that our bodies and our minds are merely vessels for our souls. A vessel is a ship. We relate to other soul vessels on this ocean of existence for as long as our charted paths will allow. Some of us may be “ships passing in the night” never truly relating. Others will be twin vessels gas in dogs mirroring each other’s journeys and helping navigate through the choppy waters of this life.

I always knew that music was therapeutic and cathartic. I always listened to music to get me through hard times but making music is a catharsis of exponential proportions. I had no idea that I could heal certain things in my life through writing music. For instance, my girl and I have a polyamorous relationship and the first time she wanted to see another man I wanted to break something. Not us though. I wanted to be supportive of her wants and choices but it was hard for my ego not to get involved. But instead of making my jealousy her issue I wrote and recorded a song called Ego Talking about what I was going through at that moment electricity bill nye and it’s one of the best songs I’ve done.

Music is the most direct form of communication human beings have. Sound itself is a vibration that travels through the air and hits us in the ears and causes us to move. Dance. Recoil. Stand up. Turn it up. Sound causes movements. Literal movements like dance, spiritual movements like awakening the gasco abu dhabi email address soul and social movements like human rights.

I think lyricists are doing both. You have to make lyrics digestible for a society that spends more time on their phones than they do in books. I think music can reflect society and influence it all in the same stroke. I do believe as artists we could try harder especially in RnB and HipHop. But not always. There’s a lot of artists who’s lyrics are amazing and thought provoking. A lot of artists who’s lyrics make you want to do something about the injustices in the world. But not every song needs to be about that. Sometimes is good to hear a song about love, or sex or partying. Those have their place in my rotation too.

808s have always been apart of my heart. Where it hits you in the solar plexus just p gasol sort of rocks you to the core. I feel it in my sacrum and root chakra too. Natural instruments have always spoken to me too and I’m putting together a project now with all natural instrumentation, with bluesy and soulful vocals and a tribal vibe with an EDM presentation. I know reading it sounds weird but when you hear it you’ll get it. I call it TribeStep.