Melting glaciers may impact hydropower projects planned in the himalayas

The effect is very varied, said Arthur Lutz of the Netherlands-based think tank Future Water. Electricity production by source To start with, the importance of glacier meltwater to the rivers below is not the same everywhere, he said at a session on glaciers and hydropower at the World Water Week in Stockholm. Igas energy shares It is far more important for rivers in the Indus basin than for those in the Ganga and Brahmaputra basins.

The effect of this glacier retreat also varies from catchment to catchment, he added. Physical science electricity review worksheet By Arthur Lutz from Ragettli et al., 2016. Electricity projects ks2 RCP refers to the various climate change scenarios forecast in the latest assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Electricity experiments for 4th graders The higher the RCP, the more the warming

At the session organised by the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, Lutz presented the results of two studies, one in Nepal and the other in Chile.

At the Upper Langtang catchment in the Nepal Himalayas, the rain, ice melt and snow melt change in a medium-level warming scenario (RCP 4.5) forecast by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, but the overall water runoff does not change very significantly from the present situation. Bp gas card login However, in a much-warmed world [an RCP 8.5 scenario], the study forecasts higher runoff by 2050 and much more by 2100. Electricity wikipedia in hindi This will increase the risk of flash floods manifold.

But the situation is forecast to be quite different in the Juncal catchment of the Chilean Andes. Gas 93 octane There, a medium warming scenario leads to more water runoff than a high warming scenario. Electricity flow direction David Molden, Director General, ICIMOD [image by Udayan Mishra / ICIMOD]

It all points to the urgent need for more studies at both the micro and macro levels, said David Molden, director general of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development.

What is far more certain is that most glaciers in the high mountain regions of the world are in retreat. Electricity billy elliot instrumental The exceptions are glaciers in the Karakoram range of the Hindu Kush Himalayas. Grade 6 electricity project Lutz said the reason for this well-known “Karakoram Anomaly” was still “very poorly understood”. Gas and sand At present, most scientists think it is largely because of winds from the Caspian Sea bringing more snow and rain to this region.

Leaving the one exception aside, it is clear that glaciers are retreating very quickly because mountain areas are far more sensitive to climate change – a temperature rise of four degrees Celsius at sea level becomes 5 degrees Celsius-6 degrees Celsius at an elevation above 5,000 metres, Lutz said, adding that this trend was likely to continue. Gas constant for helium By Arthur Lutz from Pepin et al., 2015

What this will mean for water flow downhill of the glaciers will depend on the contribution of meltwater to total discharge, seasonal differences in a future characterised by climate change, future precipitation [rainfall and snowfall] amounts and intensity, the researcher concluded. 3 gases in the air Effect on hydropower plants

What will all this mean for the many hydropower projects planned in the Himalayas? That is still not known with any degree of certainty, according to Martin Honsberg of the Norwegian hydropower firm Statkraft.

As a result, Honsberg said, hydropower developers are still planning and building their projects without taking into account the possibility of changing water flow. Gas after eating pasta With Statkraft running projects in India and Nepal, he felt that such uncertainties would be reduced if developers were allowed to build water reservoirs instead of run-of-the-river projects.

But whatever the form of the project, if it were to be built, it should have a better way of sharing the benefits with local residents, said Aditi Mukherji of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development. Gas equations chemistry Image by Aditi Mukherji

Pointing out that the hydropower potential in countries that share the Hindu Kush Himalayas and the rivers that flow down this range totalled 500 GW, Mukherji focused on one problem – that the electricity flows from the mountains to the plains without providing commensurate benefits to the people who live in the mountains.

“These benefits have to go beyond compensation [for displacement] and mitigation,” she said. Walmart with a gas station near me In a study done in Uttarakhand in India and in Nepal, Mukherji and her colleagues found that though there are laws that compel hydropower developers to pay compensation for any damage, this money usually ends up in the government treasury rather than benefiting the affected population. Electricity trading strategies The situation is better in Nepal, she said, because village development committees negotiate most of the benefits with the project developers, and the Central government does not enter the picture.

“Our experience is that in Nepal, communities feel far more empowered. Q gastrobar dias ferreira In India, communities feel powerless,” Mukherji said. Gas house gorillas Part of the study carried out by her and her colleagues is now in the report Benefit sharing and sustainable hydropower: Lessons from Nepal. Electricity kwh calculator Mukherji welcomed the new Uttarakhand law that says the compensation paid by hydropower developers should go directly to panchayats.

Between “wrong use of technology, changing social patterns, outmigration, the situation is already very complicated”, said Dipak Gyawali of the Nepal Water Conservation Foundation. Electricity trading hubs “Climate change will make it ten times worse.”

Eklabya Sharma, director of programmes at the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, concluded the session by reiterating that it all pointed to the need for more research and more monitoring stations all over the Hindu Kush Himalayas.

In the mid-80s, the Indian government launched a program to identify and provide free boarding & schooling to the talented children from the rural areas. La gas prices 2016 The idea was that while the IITs and IIMs had developed as world-class institutions of higher education, they were often dominated by students from relatively privileged backgrounds. I electricity bill com Similarly, elite government and corporate jobs were restricted to those from the cities. Gas block install This change, pioneered by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. Electricity austin of India, came in the form of the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, which began the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNVs), a system of alternate schools for gifted students in India from VI to XII standard. Gas national average 2008 By many standards, the experiment has been a success.

The JNV program was a major innovation with significant resources deployed – it is estimated that the MHRD spends Rs 85,000 annually on every student at JNV. Electricity voltage used in usa The schools have produced many bright students and many of these return to their villages and are able to impact their villages positively. Tropico 5 power plant Examples include an ex JNV student who is now researching a cure for cancer in Malaysia.

The academically elite schools for the poor were, in their time, a big idea and now are being transformed by technology. La gasolina in english The goal is to not only make sure students from these schools have skills on par with the best private schools but also that they have a better understanding of concepts through new ways of seeing and learning.

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The digital revolution shows the potential to be a great enabler for the change in this regard. World j gastrointestinal oncol impact factor The number of internet users in India grew by 49% in 2015, according to the IAMAI. 3 gases in the atmosphere Mobile internet users grew by over 65% in urban India in 2015, and by over 99% in rural India. Electricity for refrigeration heating and air conditioning answer key While digital tools of education like iPads or video conferencing are gaining traction in middle to high-income groups in urban India, they are yet to penetrate rural India. V gashi kenga e zagrebit But this is changing slowly, by the efforts of the government and some private players.

Providing quality education to everyone regardless of where they come from is one of the biggest challenges India is facing today. Grade 9 electricity quiz This is a particularly large problem in rural areas that need to deal with challenges as varied as a lack of teaching facilities, unavailability of teachers and the financial inability of many parents to put their children through school. Electricity terms and definitions As a consequence, many students in rural India tend to experience disenchantment with education leading to high drop-out rates. Electricity jeopardy game In what becomes a vicious cycle, these children then go on to take up unskilled or semi-skilled jobs if they are boys or get married at a young age if they are girls. Electricity usage by appliance Many of them find it difficult to break out of the poverty trap.

Perhaps the most significant and preventable problem here is that the process of learning in rural schools itself is not interesting. Gas nozzle prank In the NFHS III Survey, “lack of interest” was cited as the main reason for dropping out of school for around 36% of boys and 21% of girls. Electricity load shedding So, digital teaching tools can not only change the way teachers instruct children – making learning more fun, interactive and interesting, but they also have the potential to bring children into the classroom and keep them from dropping out mid-way. Gas efficient suv 2015 Along with this, digital tools of learning like video conferencing and Wi-Fi enabled tablets can also provide children greater exposure and access to the world outside their physical reach and enable them to create wider networks, giving them opportunities they could never imagine before. Electricity generation by state In doing so, they can enable bright Indian children to showcase their abilities on a global platform. Electricity 101 presentation Like they did for Sadanand.

Dreams only get bigger when people and technology meet. Electricity year invented Samsung is showcasing a few of the biggest success stories of the initiative through its “Sapne hue Bade, Jab Technology se Jude” campaign. Gas 85 For more information on Samsung’s Smart Class initiative, see here.