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NO she isn’t there is many races she could of done better at, but sadly got in a wreck. That one race she was charging through the field and better than all for many laps, until a wreck and she usually is in the top 10 usually. What i call overrated is people that are from other series, and comes to rain on their shine. Alot of people just have this hatred for women drivers. I heard her talk she is really nice, she never claims to be better than others, she is so thankful to have a ride for a whole season. There is many female drivers that have talent. Most only care for stupid looks, yes shes hot, but this isn’t a beauty pageant, its for talent. I don’t see her as overrated at all, she just got unlucky at tracks she could of won, or bad luck hit her.

But no one cares about that do they. No they love to insult, harass and belittle everyone that is cool or new or given a chance. She is very nice far as i can tell from hearing her and very blessed and thankful. GIve her time this is her first year full time like the overrated Jimmie Johnson he wrecked alot in his first year, but he got better and still to me he is sooo overrated. TO me hes pretty much or near dead last of all drivers ever, not talent, but just overrated and been there done that, tired of seeing him. Same as some others. Natalie has a kind heart, don’t see herself as the best of the best , if not like fine but she is not overrated people just glad she is given a chance, and a little of being a woman too but she has talent if most sexist people in here or in the world about women drivers, she be dead last alot wrecking in every turn. But no she keeps fighting and learning got a good start in top 5’s or 10s or she is so terrible she wouldnt hit a pole ever and not just being a fluke. She grip harass or hate her she did, she does her best she can and fight. TO prove herself that isn’t overrated thats is what anyone would want her to do, she knows, i know, she does her best, but people just have to HATE, HATE HATE everything on good people. But the jerks and stuck up drivers naw naw their not naw never…. Really? she has not done or said anything overrated she is new, her first year in the series for full time, give her some break, but naw, you can’t do that because shes a girl, sexist. I like her not just for being afemale which to me is just 20% i like her style of racing her attitude not my favorite driver or best female driver mine is Michelle Theriault who never won but i liked her what i saw in the past.

THen if best of all drivers of female id have to say Shawna Robinson. ANd others i hope enter, Nicole Behar, some others i cant remember name exactly but i think they got talent. But i know, i know people that are sexist or really badly on women driving they call them overrated but she hasnt done or said , anything overrated most like her due to personality or her heart in racing she likes to drive against guys and not even think of being a woman i think. Her passion for racing most arent. they dont care unless win, because its all that matters, it does matter alot but if in the end of day you suck it up and say 2nd or 5th in this race is good thats sportsmanship. Her first year give her a dang break i mean come on.. Serioualy.