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Only two months after opening their sports-themed f gas regulations 2015 prostate cancer treatment center at Mt. Sinai, Man Cave Health has launched “Man Cave Madness.” The tournament is open to 68 teams who will compete to raise the funds which Man Cave Health will then donate towards la gasolina lyrics translation various Men’s Health Awareness initiatives. A prize for all who compete is gaining the feel-good surety that your team has helped men around the world have better chances at beating cancer by contributing to early-testing initiatives. The team that raises the most money, however, will win the coveted Man Cave Cup and $5K.

So how does one of New York City’s Landmark Hospitals such as Mount Sinai gas x dosage chewable come to open a man-cave themed prostate cancer treatment center? The answer is a unique mixture of a public-relations gap and a young father’s will to survive. Following a prostate cancer diagnosis in 2016, Thomas gas kinetic energy formula Milana, Jr. elected surgery as a treatment option. Milana navigated his way back to wellness and has become an advocate for fellow ortega y gasset obras completas prostate cancer survivors. He noticed that many men, such as himself, only seek medical treatment once a set of symptoms become intolerable, making them unable to live their lives. If these symptoms are due to cancer, the individual is virtually untreatable by the time they are diagnosed. As a result, Tom founded Man Cave Health in order to not wb state electricity board recruitment only raise awareness about Men’s health issues, but also to start a “get to the doctor” campaign for all men. The earlier they are tested, the greater men’s chances of survival and a clean bill of health.

One of the public-relations gaps gas x tablets himalaya that Mt. Sinai noticed was that men, on the whole, feel uncomfortable going to the doctor. Dr. Tewari, the chairman of Urology at Mt. Sinai, said that it has something to do with feeling emasculated. “Men don’t want to feel weak,” he said, “when a man goes to the doctor, he feels vulnerable and exposed.” Tom’s solution was to design an outpatient treatment center complete with signed memorabilia current electricity definition physics from the Rangers, Yankees, Mets, Giants, and Jets. 65-inch wide-screen televisions tune patients into live sports games of their choice. Also located in the man cave is a coffee bar and electricity meaning an informational area complete with literature about various symptoms and how to stay healthy.“Men electricity deregulation choices and challenges need to know that it’s important to go to the doctor, and if we can provide them with an environment that will make them feel at home instead of pushed-away, it will encourage them to seek preventative care and treatment,” said Thomas Milana, Jr. “It’s critical for men to identify prostate cancer at its earliest stages with prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing and consultations.” The electricity 220v center is located at 625 Madison Avenue, and also operates Man Cave Health’s toll-free hotline 1 (833) HEAL-MEN.

There are more than 2.9 million men living with prostate cancer in the United States. For most, it’s a taboo topic that rarely comes up in conversation, let along the dinner table. Man Cave Madness is adding breath to a discussion that was reignited hp gas kushaiguda two months ago when their center opened at Mt. Sinai. With the idea that we must begin the dialogue about prostate cancer if we are ever to defeat it, Man Cave Health gas works park address invites everyone to make a team and compete in their March Madness competition. If more men make their past struggles part of the daily conversation, then more will get tested, and gaz 67b for sale more will survive. In this country, 27,000 men will die, unnecessarily, from the disease this year alone. This initiative is meant to lower this number, with the hope that one day, it will be zero.