Mercedes-benz w124 over voltage relay replacement 1986-1995 e-class pelican parts diy maintenance article specjalizacja z gastroenterologii


Comments: The plastic panel behind the battery that protects the OPV, and Fuel Pump Relay, is that available or is there a part number for it? As my mechanic lost mine on my W201, and I need to replace to kept water out. Any help would be great.

Comments: Good day. I have a 202 Mercedes and one of my guys tried to start it with a 24volt battery charger. Engine won’t crank at all, ignition does come on. But one thing is the fuse on the ovp relay blows when we try put a new one in. Have been told that the ecu might have been burnt/damaged but if that was the case will the ignition still come on? What do I need to check for? Thanks

Followup from the Pelican Staff: You have to determine if it is shorted or sending voltage when it should not be. Then trace it to the source. I would suggest getting a wiring diagram and tracing the circuit using it. – Nick at Pelican Parts

Comments: Engine starts fine.But at least once a day,totally loss power with zero throttle response even after flooring the pedal.Tachometer lights flickers and these will stays on for almost 10-20 seconds…Please help guys.Thank you in advance

Comments: Engine starts fine.But at least once a day,totally loss power with zero throttle response even after flooring the pedal.Tachometer lights flickers and these will stays on for almost 10-20 seconds…Please help guys.Thank you in advance

Comments: I have a 1997 Mercedes e320 and it acted like it didnt want to change gears then died I replaced the battery and it drained it I replaced the alternator last night anf today it did the same thing it lost power and the dash lights dreamed and went dead

Comments: Hi when I install this relay 2015403745 the 2 fuse OVP, my cluster lights come on and when I start it, it runs good BUT when I try to shut off engine it will not. Is this the right relay for my 300TE Base wagon with 3.2L engine 1993 ? thanks tj

The problem was a faulty fuel distributor. Split orings on the barrel causing uncontrolled fuel to pump to selected cylinders. Tested with a fuctionong distributor and it fired and run first start. Rebuilt my distributor with a CIS Jetronic kit and now the car is running great.

Comments: My 1989 300e m103 will start very hard and when it does idles very rough. Removing the leads shows its missing in cylinders 2, 3 and 4. Fuel relay good i think, pumps good, fuel pressure ok, can hear pumps and fuel flows disconected to check. 2, 3, 4 Spark plugs wet when removed.

Comments: Only on cold mornings when I start my w203 c220 diesel, I experience the following: the engine starts, but but none of the electric components wipers, windows, instrument cluster is working and the engine fan runs at top speed. Switch off after a little idling and start again, with everything working again. What is the cause?

Comments: Tkx for answer Nick. I had test the crank sensor signal and its resistance variate when I crank the engine. Its weird that before fix the OVP the engine speed didn’i oscilate and I could drive the car but the idle was high and no compensation and abs light on. After fixing OVP I can’t drive the car…I desconected the idle valve control before start the car and the same problem happens…after some seconds the rpm start oscilating or if right after start engine I kick the brake or accelerate the engine start oscilating too until stall. The OVP working now is make some other compesation circuit works that it is no the idle control as It happens without the idle valve. I looked for vaccun leak visual as for this big oscilation I imagine I would have a Big vaccum leak to do that. I was thinking on o2 sensor but I think the car would have a safe mode if it detect o2 sensor error…

Followup from the Pelican Staff: if you suspect it is the relay, that is easy to test. Confirm it is sending good voltage to each component it powers. You will need a wiring diagram to confirm, I do not have one to share. – Nick at Pelican Parts

Comments: Hi, I Just replaced my old one fuse OVP broken for a new two fuse one rockauto. Muito abs light turn off and my idle is os at cold start. BUT after 7 sec I turn on the engine, it is starting oscilate engine speed 500-900 until stall. Before changing OVP, abs light was on and idle was pretty high 1100rpm and no idle compensationAC, cold start, change to drive…. I have checked the fault code and got crank sensor error, but it is ok, 800ohm.

Comments: ho casey fantastic work you guys are great thanks i have a friend which writes up his own programs and softwares very IT person checked my ECU and OVP relay both needed soldering as few solders was burned now has spark and fuel starts but cuts off at idle i think i put the throttle body wrong or missed somthing as not sure if it has a electronic connector ?? but thanks anyways fantastic job guys

Comments: I have a 1988 W124 and I suspect the voltage relay needs to be replaced after reading others comments. I have got to the stage where I need to remove it but it does not look like the one above, it is not bolted on to other components and has a brass metal strip between relay and frame, unlike one above.Aso I can’t unplug from underneath. Help please

Comments: Hello , I have the W124 E220, 1994 model great car and I love it very much. Lately I am experiencing erratic idling at temperature btw 82-85 and in traffic for more than 5-10 mins. When car ready to take off, there is lots of hesitation and sometimes racking. When car temps are at 82 and below, car purrs like a cat. Have replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, spark plug wires, plugs. My mechanic tells me it has to do with fuel mixture formation. Others are suggesting the following-coolant temp sensor, OVP relay, ignition coil and and possibly knock sensor. Can some good mechanic who knows this fault help diagnose this delicate issue before I become bankrupt? Thank you. Ernest

no voltage at pin number 3 on iacv.and the second case is actuator.when i pull out socket actuator the engine can i decide to disconected control unit.has anyone know how to fix control unit.the control unit number is 0 280 800 124 for 4cyl

Comments: Hi fren , i got 1 issue about my merc w124 . When normal start , the engine running fine . I means when running engine . . But after I on light and aircond , few minute later ABS light suddenly on and after 10-20 minutes engine stop . After that I try to start again but battery became flat . Can you give me suggestion what I need to do ? Tq