Mercedes-benz w203 fuel filter replacement – (2001-2007) c230, c280, c350, c240, c320 pelican parts diy maintenance article electricity balloon experiment


Comments: I have a similar fuel filter on a 2000 c-280 but someone cut off the fuel line or vapor line coming from the middle of the filter, I can’t seem to find where it hooks up to. Is it just a piece of hose going up to somewhere hanging or ? Please need help.

Comments: I already replaced my sending unit and fuel pump. But my fuel is not being transferred from the driver side to the passenger side. The passenger side has the fuel pump and driver side has sending unit. The hose that connects for the fuel transfer is not clogged up. The car runs fine up until it runs out of gas on passenger side because the driver side doesn’t transfer. Would I hace to replace the fuel filter since that’s where the fuel regulator is. Can the fuel regulator affect the fuel not being transferred? Please help I have ran out of options at this point. Thank you for your time

Comments: Hello pelican staff. I have a 2006 c350. and i could not find the fuel filter underneath the car like what this Haynes manual is saying. I took of the undercover of both sides and follow the fuel lines yet i do not see a fuel filter. pleas help

Comments: I recently changed the fuel filter on my 02 c32 amg. car was running fine before I changed filter. After I changed the filter the car started but shut off after a few minutes. tried starting car again and it doesn’t want to. if the filter was put with wrong directional flow would the car still start. can the regulator inside filter gotten damaged.

Followup from the Pelican Staff: Remove the rear seat, and access the top of the fuel tank. See our articles on replacing the fuel pump for some guidance. The fuel filter is under the left side access panel. See my attached photo. – Casey at Pelican Parts

Comments: We have a 2007 C230 sport flex fuel vehicle. It appears that the filter in integral to the fuel sending unit in the tank. We have completely examined the underside of the car and see a flat spot on the tank where a filter could have been mounted on earlier C230 models…Why is it every part site shows an external filter and does not specify the part that has the filter built into it? Very confusing and frustrating to say the least.

Followup from the Pelican Staff: If you can post pics of your car we will update the article. It is not possible for us to purchase every variant of the C Class, so channel that frustration in to helping the community and share your photos! We do appreciate your feedback. – Casey at Pelican Parts

Comments: Mine is C180 WDW204 203, it’s not able to keep idle revs and while driving it loses power and stops,I would start it when I add fuel but now problem is occurring even when fuel is above half tank and of late even upto above half. When I add fuel, it starts but stalls again and may start on adding more fuel. What are the possible causes?

Thank you for your comment. But before I change the fuel filter the engine of my c200 compressor 2005 was running well. Another problem which I was noticed is the engine RPM is over 1000rpm and it take more time to come back in idle after I apply the break

I have changed fuel filter for my c200 mercedes 2005 in accordance with your technical article. I am not sure if I have connected the lines in right way. I have some problem, bad start, RPM goes up and down in idle and the injection light is ON. I appreciate your comments.

Comments: I have M/B E320 CDI and I wanted to change the Fuel filter, which sits on top of the engine under the engine covers. Your video refers to C320 which seems to have the fuel filter under the body. This information is misleading, please correct it.

Comments: My 2004 C240 W203 runs performs extraordinarily but some times stall when rev t take off. And the fuel consumption has gone a little higher to. Could this be the fuel filter or the nozzles? The idle is good but when starting motion early in the morning, it hesitates a little then moves just fine. But the occasional stall I can’t understand.

Comments: Just bought a C280 1997 gas automatic. This car has been lying up in a garage for a while. Seemed to run good before I changed the battery . Now it misfires and runs rough in idle . Also there’s alot of carbon coming from exhaust. There could be a number things wrong with it . The check engine light is on .the car is using alot of gas plus the fuems from the exhaust would almost kill you. The only thing I have done so far is changed the spark plugs.

Comments: I replaced the fuel filter on my 2003 c320 like the article with no problems. However, car cranks and does not start. Schrader valve has no pressure. The car ran fine before I changed the filter so a bad pump just doesn’t seem likely. Tank has a little over 1/4 tank. Thoughts?

Comments: Your website articles are very helpful. It would help your customers if you crossed checked them and made sure they were available in all appropriate models. For example, this article applies to 98-04 W210, but I found it under W203. Certainly not a criticism, just a comment.