Mercedes-benz w203 steering wheel removal – (2001-2007) c230, c280, c350, c240, c320 pelican parts diy maintenance article npower gas price per unit


The air bag and steering wheel removal is required for a few repairs, including the steering column switches. When you remove the driver airbag, it is important you disconnect the battery and wait at least 30 minutes for any residual electricity in the system to dissipate. Once the airbag is removed, store it in a safe place facing up. If you connect the battery with the air bag removed it will cause a fault code and warning light that you will have to reset, if you do not connect the battery you can put everything back together with out having to worry about this.

There are two access holes for the T30 Torx screws that hold the airbag to the steering wheel. They are located at approximately three and nine o’clock on the back side of the wheel. You will not be able to get a regular Torx driver in due to limited space between the steering wheel and dash, so I recommend you pick up a small set of collapsible Torx. These make access simple and allow you enough grip to be able to loosen the screw.

Insert the Torx into the hole and carefully feel around until it is seated fully in the screw. You have to do this by feel only and so take your time, you don’t strip the screw. Once the screw is loosened you can take the Torx off the handle to help with the lack of space.

Pull the air bag away from the wheel and turn it away from you towards the open door. Remove the yellow wire and the two green and yellow air bag connections. NOTE: the air bag connections are a tight fit and will need a fair amount of force to remove them. Grab them by the clips and NOT the wires. ALSO NOTE: the connector has plastic

With the airbag removed you can see the 10mm Allen screw that holds the wheel on. You will need to use a breaker bar and a friend to hold the wheel in place to get the Allen Screw loose. DO NOT use the wheel lock to hold the wheel in place while you break the screw loose. Mercedes uses a little Loctite on the screw and it requires a fair amount of force to break loose.

Followup from the Pelican Staff: Correct and I apologize for the learning experience not being the best. Fig 3 in this article, the connector has plastic locks at the center of the connector, these have to be levered out to release the connector. I will have this info added to article. – Nick at Pelican Parts

Comments: I have a W203 coupe kompresor it currently has the older plastic buttons. I have purchased the later R171 steering wheel with the metal buttons which is compatible, however, on removing the steering wheel there are 2 connections on the R171 there are 3 connection points, can you please help? Is there a conversion kit, or do I need to sort another lead through Many Thanks. Max.

Comments: I have a 2015 ML with paddle shifters. For the life of me I cannot find the access holes in back of the steering wheel to remove the first 2 torx screws. There is a large plastic fitting which seems to be in the way. Any suggestions would truly be appreciated, thanks.

Comments: I am going to replace my signal switch. Read comments Sept.24,2013 as to steering angle sensor are you referring to the angle of the tilt of the steering wheel or are you referring to a sensor located where? If fault appears how do I clear it? THANK YOU FOR YOUR ANSWER.

Followup from the Pelican Staff: The Steering angle sensor is used to monitor the rotation of the steering wheel. It is mounted around the steering column, behind the steering wheel. You will need an Mercedes-Benz scan tool to reset it. – Nick at Pelican Parts

Comments: Hello from Australia..I would like to know hoe to replace the thumb controls on the steering wheel of a 2000 australiaCLK320 elegance.They have gone sticky and feel as though someone has used a solvent to clean them.It looks to me like they have to be replaced..?hope you can help..rgds Tony Strickland

Followup from the Pelican Staff: You can try clearing the fault code. The issue may be with the steering angle sensor. It could be a fault from the repair, need to be calibrated, or have been damaged during the repair. – Nick at Pelican Parts