Mercedes-benz w203 valve cover breather gaskets replacement – (2001-2007) c230, c280, c350, c240, c320 pelican parts diy maintenance article physics electricity and magnetism study guide


It is not bad enough that the Mercedes-Benz W203’s valve covers leak over time but the fact that the breather gaskets leak as well is a surprisingly poor piece of engineering from Mercedes-Benz. If you have noticed that your valve covers are filthy with oil around the breather covers there is a very good chance the gaskets are going bad. Unfortunately they don’t sell a gasket for the covers so you are going to have to use RTV to make your own. Repairing them is not that difficult, most of the job is cleaning, but this article will walk you through the steps.

Next, you will need to remove the main engine cover that also houses the air filters. It is held on by four pressure clips. You can see the two at the front of the engine, to remove the housing lift it at the front of the engine and once the front clips release the rears (which you can not see) will release as well.

Next, remove the crankcase breather hose from the breather cover. If the hose is fairly new it should slide off. If the hose is original or old there is a very good chance it is dry and brittle and you are going to damage it and need to replace it. Do yourself a favor and order new hoses before you start this job.

The cover is held on with RTV compound so you will have to wiggle it around to get the seal to break loose. Do not hit the plate or try and jam a screw driver between the valve cover and breather cover as this can damage both covers causing them to leak even more.

You are going to have to remove both crankcase breather hoses from the breather cover. If the hoses are fairly new they should slide off. If the hoses are original or old there is a very good chance they are dry and brittle and you are going to damage them and need to replace them. I have actually never seen the hose on the left side of the engine come off without being damaged.

Comments: I have a 2002 mercedes c240, the valve cover gaskets I replaced and they started leaking again with in 2 months? I used the Victor reinz gaskets are they a bad quality gasket? Also it seems I find oil on the spark plugs which makes the car run rough could this be from the valve covers leaking oil?

I have a c220 cdi avantgarde, 05 plate. I have replaced the oil seperator/breather/oil drip pan which sits on top of the valve cover 6 screws attached. This was fixed by a local garage who also used some sealant. However a few weeks after i am still getting pooling of oil around the filler cap and breather/seperator. Please advise =0 – Nick at Pelican Parts

Comments: Curil-T is not for the MB breather cover. Curil-T max fillable gap joint is 0.1mm which is much less than the type male-female joint used in this breather. Maybe Dirko HT but I would rather do not guess. I used Curil-T as suggested in this article and had to redo the job in one day. When I reopen the joint most Curil-T had gone. It was burned or dissolved in the motor oil. The right sealant for this application is from Mercedes Benz and does not cost more.

Comments: Hi I have a 2003 Mercedes w203 exactly like the one in your picture. I have a question about the crank case breather hoses that you are supposed to remove before you remove the valve cover. Where and how would reattach the new hose? Where would I get the hoses from? Is it easy to replace the hoses or track where they are coming from? Thanks.

Comments: What is the size of the longer E10 torx bolts? The ones I am referring to are the long ones on the left side that both hold the breather cover to the valve cover and hold the valve cover to the head. Also, I broke one of those, how can I remove the part still stuck? Thanks

Comments: Thanks whunter. I have a 1992 300D 2.5 L Turbo diesel. Engine 602.962; W124 chassis. Do you have any pictorials on valve adjustment and also looking at the breather hose gasket replacement tutorial or pictorial. Thanks so much! Linda