Mercedes-benz w210 fuel level sender replacement (1996-03) e320, e420 pelican parts diy maintenance article gas used in ww1


Is your fuel gauge going crazy? Does you car show only 3/4 full after you fill it completely? The problem could be your fuel level sender. Replacement is relatively easy, however it does require working around raw gasoline. In this article, I’ll go over the steps involved with changing out the sender.

The sender works by measuring the resistance of the electrical circuit depending on the location of the float. There is also a contact at the bottom of the unit that the sender closes to activate the low fuel warning light. Over time, corrosion can build up on the sender’s electrical components. This results in the gauge registering incorrectly.

Replacing the fuel level sender on the Mercedes-Benz W210 is an easy job provided you take the time to make it a safe job. The first step in replacement is to prep the car. Typically, you would want to drive the car until it is almost out of fuel. Alternatively, you can use a small hand pump to pump most of the gasoline out of the tank. The key here is to get as much fuel out of the tank as possible.

Another important thing to remember: always disconnect the battery when working near the tank. You don’t want any accidental sparks from any electrical connections. Keep in mind that gasoline vapors are much more flammable then gasoline itself. An errant spark could cause an explosion. The bottom line is to think about safety at all times. Here are some things you should also consider:

Comments: Thanks, i replaced the sending unit and now i have a large evap leak p0455. seems it wasn’t getting to that test due to the faulty tank pressure sensor? new gas cap, no leaks south of the purge valve smoke test, bench tested the canister vent valve, but i haven’t heard the purge valve ticking in years. i cleaned and bench tested it. any thoughts how to confirm that this part is or is not working? thanks again

Followup from the Pelican Staff: If you have a large leak. Check your work. Look for a loose sending unit cap or line that was damaged / loose. if you find nothing, check the system using an evap pressure tester that can display leak amount and safely pressurize using c02. – Nick at Pelican Parts

Please my Benz E350 right fuel compartment is drying up while the left compartment is filled with fuel. And each time the fuel gets to 3/4 of the tank, the car stops. Please help, I’ve changed the pump and still dont understand what the problem is.

Followup from the Pelican Staff: The siphon jet pump may be faulty. If the pump is indeed good, you will need to replace the plumbing in the tank. With your vehicle info handy, give The Pelican Parts parts specialists a call at 1-888-280-7799. They can figure out what part or repair kit you need.

Comments: Hi, I have a strange problem. 1998 E300 TD, car parked on slight incline with a third of a tank of fuel remaining. Try to start and engine will starve for fuel and as if it has an empty tank. Fuel gauge appears to be accurate as I could only add 13 gal until full. Is there a pickup tube in tank that can fail. Above one third full car operates normallystarts on slight incline with no issues. Any ideas??? Thanks in advance.

Comments: Hey, wife has a 1996 c36 that has been having a fuel level problem. At full, generally only shows 3/4 tank, and never sure of correct amount in tank. On the c36, is the fix the same? Fuel filler is on passenger side, but inside trunk doesn’t look the same as your fix. I’d appreciate any info. Bad day if she runs out of fuel. Thanks

Comments: I have a 1997 E420. My symptoms are fuel gauge reading full to 3/4 full when tank is near empty. I removed the fuel sending unit and checked the resistance with a multimeter while moving the float and had erratic readings. So I cleaned both rheostat tracks with a rubber eraser which worked really well, then cleaned the two contacts that float over the electrical rheostat tracks with a piece of emery paper, and finally rinsed with IPA and used compressed air to dry well. Then I retested the resistance with the multimeter over the full float range and read values from 0 to 200 ohms consistently and with smooth transition. At that point it seemed as though it was repaired. So I reinstalled the fuel sending unit in the gas tank and reconnected the 2 connectors, then the battery and turned on the ignition key and unfortunately it does not work. My fuel gauge is still reading almost full, despite the tank being only about half full of gas. So I double checked the resistance at the sending unit connector and read a resistance of 119 ohms. which should translate to about half full, given a max range of 200 ohms.

So, I am at a loss for what is still causing the dash gauge to read the incorrect level of gas. The gauge pin is obviously working as it goes from empty to full when the ignition is first turned on. So I am pretty sure it is not the gauge spring.

Any ideas of what to check next would be very helpful. Also, since I only saw two wire coming from the rheostat to the 2 pin connect, I am wondering what the other 3 pin connector is used for on the sending unit cap? Is it some type of vapor sensor? Or something else?

Comments: hi i have a c180 mercedez1996, the fuel gauge only works when it suits it or sometime shows orange even though its full, the speedometer is forward than the reality speed when driving,the ref gauge is also nt in order,the electrical problem is realy confused,i was adviced by the machanic that my fuel tank unit is dead and my vehicle electrical wiring are banned and i need to replace the lum and the fuel unit,as this can cause electrical shock due to wires are not covered up. what can i do?

Comments: I have a 1998 Mercedes 500sl and the Check engine lite comes and goes also the low fuel is intermittent with full to 3/4 tank. had code check says fuel cap what do I need? the fuel level sensor also the Tank Fuel pressure sensor? Help Help : John

Comments: Pencil eraser much better to use than sand paper to clean contacts. Also 2 phillips and a long slotted screwdriver can be used to remove sending unit. Put the two phillips into the two holes and use the long slotted screwdriver to turn the two phillips.

Comments: Friend, need advice. My w210 e230 fuel meter cluster indicates fuel level at 1/4 but my petrol tank was empty. My car stopped by itself. There was no warning light also. I manage to re-fill petrol and my car manage to start back. Is the fuel gauge need to be replaced or the meter cluster is faulty. When I turn off the engine, the meter drops to zero.