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I had a horrible experience with Allina Transportation and the emergency department at Mercy Hospital on the evening of Sunday, May 13. I write in hopes that no other patient must go through what I did at the hands of callous, arrogant, and misinformed healthcare workers who have no business working with people when they are sick and vulnerable.

First, a bit of back story on my situation. I suffered a traumatic brain injury 2 years ago, which I could hear the ER nurses talking to each other that "supposedly she had a TBI.” I did. I was treated in the ER at Mercy on April 29, 2016 and have had nothing but problems ever since. I have also had unexplained neurological issues for 11 years that they (Mercy Hospital) always labeled as psychosomatic/conversion disorder UNTIL I flew to Denver to get SPECT images of my brain at CereScan Corporation. The reports showed extensive damage and trauma.

I was just sitting there using my computer on Sunday evening when I had an electric-like jolt on the left side of my head that was strong enough to knock my computer off my lap. Left side of body seized up and I was unresponsive, although I could still hear. Just couldn’t speak or keep my eyes open. It was nearly an hour like this. I would stop seizing for a while only to start up again.

My sister came over and when she and my husband couldn’t get me responsive or stand me up to walk me to the car they called 9-1-1. The responders put something up my nose that mellowed the seizures/convulsions (I’m not sure anymore) quite a bit. I still couldn’t speak or open my eyes.

So in the ambulance the attendant was speaking to someone on the phone MOCKING me about how I was fine and "refused to speak, ha ha, isn’t that fun?" My sister saw that she wrote “pseudo-seizures” on the call intake form. When they were wheeling me in, another guy from the ambulance crew said in a mocking way "you can open your eyes now."

It gets even worse. While in the ER, two nurses were discussing me thinking I couldn’t hear. It may have been the nurse and ambulance attendant, not sure. They were saying I supposedly had an hour-long seizure but they didn’t believe my family because "I didn’t see any" and "she only had them when she thought someone was looking at her." This is the point where they even doubted my TBI.

I couldn’t say anything and wish I could say I was surprised, but with the psychosomatic nonsense I’ve had thrown at me the last 11 YEARS (on and off, symptoms terrible the last 2 months), I wasn’t. When I have these spells, I go in and out of being able to speak and being alert. My voice came back after maybe half an hour, and I told them I could hear them and that if they were going to pull the "conversion disorder" stuff to let me go right now. I demanded they get my husband and sister who had the SPECT report with them that shows full well I have brain blood flow issues in 10 separate regions of the brain.

Well, one of the nurses kept up with her attitude thinking I was faking the whole thing because now I could speak. The sudden onset and disappearance is typical for me. The doctor read the SPECT report from Colorado and then everyone’s tune changed. They didn’t find anything wrong with blood or urine so discharged me with an RX to hopefully control the seizures/convulsions until my appointment with a movement disorder specialist on the 23rd. I looked on MyChart later and saw that several lab tests in the hospital actually were abnormal.

I have never yelled at or challenged someone like that in my life. I intend to follow up about the horrible unprofessional treatment from both the ambulance attendant and nurse with as many people in your organization as possible. The ER staff eventually saw the SPECT and knew they were dead wrong about me. I will say that the physician was helpful and kind, but he was the only one of everyone who I encountered on May 13.

I would like a personal apology from the ambulance attendants and the ER nurses who gossiped about me to their co-workers while I was right there. Not only is this extremely unprofessional, it is a HIPAA violation as well. I would also like assurance they will study brain injuries and illnesses and how they present. Being accused of lying when I was frightened and needing help was a traumatic experience I don’t want to happen to anyone else. Full Review Rating Breakdown