Merkury innovations smartsurge wi-fi surge protector with 4 usb ports grade 9 electricity module


@TBoneZeOriginal but that means for the most part that you aren’t automating anything. Just replacing a physical action with a voice action, that’s still work. If you want to really simplify your life, automation is the only real way to do it. Simple timers are the Duplos of this world. I’m at the Technics level here, with a lot of MindStorm stuff thrown in. (Last two things are Lego references.

My house shuts off the water main if a leak is detected. b games play online Turns on all the lights, unlocks the doors, and shuts off the furnace/ac if a fire is detected. Turns on my engine block heater a few hours before work if the temp is low enough outside. Shuts off all vampire electric draw if a room is unused or we are sleeping. Opens my garage when I come home in either my car or bike, but not my truck or wife’s vehicles.

After spending about 2k on all this including the echo devices, I save an average of 40 bucks a month on my electric bill. And the convenience is easily worth the rest. Most of the critical features work locally without internet access as well. gastroenteritis Some stuff doesn’t need the “IOT Cloud” that some folks here are concerned about. Only parts of my system are actually IOT.

Wouldn’t it be more convenient to shut off the valve closest to the leak? If my guest toilet is leaking, I don’t want the water turned off to my last remaining toilet. electricity symbols If that valve is N/C and requires electricity to be open, then it’s drawing power all the time. If it’s N/O then I can see instances where the internet is down and it malfunctions when you need it the most.

How does it know what days you’re working and which you’re not. If you have to update a calendar, that seems like more work that flipping a switch. Does it account for holidays and days that you might have to go in late or early? What about a day when you’re home sick or have a doctor’s appointment? Last thing I want is to use any form of heater unnecessarily. Just one day of that working when it’s not needed would be enough to not use that system.

Sometimes it’s not good to automate everything. quadcopter gas engine I don’t want something to know when I move around the room and then turn the lights on automatically or turn them off if I’m not moving. If I get up in the middle of the night, I don’t want a blinding light shining in my face or a light to wake up Mrs cengland0 while I’m just using the bathroom. I still like to make the decisions on when I want things on and off – in most cases. I do have a couple lights on timers and motion but not many. My patio light, for example, turns on if it detects motion and it’s at night. My gazebo light goes on at dusk and off at dawn to give the back yard some security lighting.

@michaelahess I have to say, you’re probably the only other person I met that has a system greater than my own. Every light in the house is able to be automated using scenes or individual tasks. But I don’t often use that ability. electricity load shedding It is nice to go in the bed with the light on and then tell Alexa to turn off the light. la gasolina letra I don’t need to get up to manually flip the switch on the wall near the door. Even the bathroom lights can be turned on remotely and dimmed.

An interesting note. I can control my garage door remotely. I have it send me an email if the garage opens and another when it closes. Different subject “Garage Opened” and “Garage Closed.” One annoying thing is that Alexa refuses to open the garage even though she knows it’s there. It took hours to figure that out. Apparently, Alexa for security reasons, will never open or unlock doors. Suppose someone could yell real loud through the window to the Echo, “Alexa, open the Garage” so they don’t allow that.

I even have my mailbox door wired. If someone opens the mailbox, I have a speaker that plays a musical tune and then flash a light. gas in back relief It’s a home-made arduino project. e payment electricity bill mp If I come home and that light is flashing, I know I probably received mail (or someone is trying to steal mail). If no mail, I’ll review the camera history but that’s never happened yet. Next part of that project will be to log the time and date that the mail box was opened and then closed. It’s not a necessity but there’s a small flaw in my system. I have it programmed to flash the light if it was opened but then if it’s opened a second time, I have no record of that. It’s only until I reset the flashing light that it will let me know of another instance of a mailbox penetration.

All of my irrigation valves are remotely controlled to by using a Rachio (you should look it up, you would love it). It forecasts the weather and, if it’s a good chance of rain in the future, it will cancel the watering of the lawn that day. Most irrigation systems only rely on past rain history using rain gauges. It’s also Alexa compatible and I can say “Alexa, tell Rachio to water the front lawn for 10 minutes.”

I have 6 of the Merkury switches that Meh sold before which can monitor energy usages too. I have them hooked up to devices I’m curious about monthly consumption such as the washing machine, entertainment system, office, audio amplifier, icicle lights, and my network wiring closet. It’s very enlightening to know that my networking takes significantly more energy than my washing machine and the audio amplifier takes 34 watts when it’s powered off.