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Great mesothelioma attorneys are recognized by their peers and national organizations like Martindale-Hubbell for their excellence in going above and beyond to fight for their clients’ legal rights. Settle for nothing less than a lawyer you can trust, a lawyer who can deliver results, and a lawyer who is recognized by industry leaders and peers.

Asbestos laws and litigation can be complex. Please note that every individual case is different. To discuss specific questions or concerns with a qualified legal professional, sign up for a free consultation. When should I hire a mesothelioma lawyer?

If you have recently been diagnosed with mesothelioma, or if a family member recently passed away because of mesothelioma, you should contact an experienced attorney who specializes in asbestos litigation to help you understand your legal rights and discuss the various types of compensation you may be eligible to receive.

Laws that limit the amount of time for filing a mesothelioma claim, known as statutes of limitations, are the reason it is important to contact an experienced attorney right away. It can take some time to research the details that are necessary in order to build your case. Therefore, initiating a working relationship with an attorney as soon as possible is essential in helping you receive the compensation you are entitled to as quickly as possible. How much does it cost to hire a mesothelioma lawyer?

If you hire a reputable law firm, there will be no up-front costs to file a mesothelioma lawsuit. In the vast majority of cases, mesothelioma lawsuits are handled on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will not have to pay anything unless and until you receive compensation owed to you.

Furthermore, experienced lawyers know how to keep costs down, making it more efficient and ultimately better for clients because clients receive a larger amount of compensation than if they went through a less experienced law firm. If you do not have to go to trial, expenses will typically range between 3 – 5% of the total compensation amount.

Every individual case is different, so unfortunately there is no way to tell exactly how long it might take to receive compensation from a particular claim. It can take months just to gather the appropriate information and documents necessary to simply file a claim. Once the claim is filed, the timeframe to reach a settlement or, if you go to trial, receive a jury award may range from months to years.

An experienced mesothelioma lawyer will be able to provide a realistic idea of how long it may take for you to receive compensation once they know the details of your case. However, it should be understood that the actual timeframe for receiving compensation is an estimate and may be subject to change over the course of the legal proceedings. Aren’t all mesothelioma lawyers the same?

No! Some lawyers that take mesothelioma cases do not have the experience or resources of a nationwide firm. Just because some lawyers can fill out the paperwork required to file a claim in court, that doesn’t mean they have the knowledge or proven track record to win compensation for their clients.

Mesothelioma lawsuits can be complex matters, often taking years to be resolved. Having a lawyer who knows the process and understands the stakes involved will keep costs low and help you receive compensation as quickly as possible to help cover treatment costs. Can a lawyer help me get disability benefits?

Disability benefits are just one of the potential forms of compensation you can receive as a mesothelioma patient. In addition to helping you file paperwork related to disability benefits, an asbestos attorney can help you explore other forms of compensation that may be available to you, including: