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Hello Lilypad, im new here as i have been doing some research on metformin as my doctor asked me if i wanted it after having blood tests amongst all being ok my (glucose was 4.0 range is (on fasting 3.0-5.4) but my Insulin is 13 (range is 0 to 10) so yes slightly high insulin resistance a naturopath suggest to get the level down to 5 even 3!!!!! so the "standard tests are a large range also as with thyroid range my doc didn’t say it was under active just basically dismissed any problem there because i was within the range at 4.46 (range 0.35- 5.50)naturopath said its considered anything above 2 is underactive thyroid, so there u go we must do a lot of our own research ask questions and take control of our own health it can get confusing and i just resonated with yr original question as it was exactly what happened to me i am on 500 @ 2 a day started 4 days ago but unfortunately 8 days ago i started a tonic herbal to detox which does send you to the loo i have had the abdominal pain and diarrhea and last night a headache came on so sudden it really scarred me. So given that i was on the tonic i would say that caused the symptoms not too sure about the headache though as i read some of the side effect of Metformin it does have me a tad concerned as part of the bloods showed slightly high creatnine @.91 (40-85 range) which could be serious……Ahhh the joy of working it all out we are all so individual so it is a process of trial and error to find what our body responds best .Of course all the good eating and exercise go without saying. Ps im also in perimenopause so the body is hell bent on making fat for estrogen production! lol I am 14 kilo overweight i mainly eat fish and salad no breads if i want i will have the occasional pizza! not too often though hey gotta enjoy life . I wish you all the best on your journey (ps after 3 months of kilo up kilo down i now appear to be going down! Metformin or the tonic? id say the tonic since i was on that the longest and on the loo but i feel good with all that release also the fat content on scales down 1% ! cheers

Ok, maybe you are not understanding me. We have been in AGREEMENT since the beginning. Maybe you may want to read my replies again. I am not promoting any medications, rather saying that natural alternatives should be tried first. As far as portion control… that’s my expert opinion as based on research and my own clinical experience. The low glycemic index is not solely portion control as it allows you to eat any portion you would like (for the most part)… AND most of the foods ARE alkalizing (fruits and vegetables)… so I do not understand your disagreement with my replies.

Losing weight by eating alkalizing foods is something I PROMOTE to my patients because I know the benefits of it. You lose weight because your body is better able to rid itself of toxins (your body surrounds toxins in fat so that it does not harm your system, this is why "diets" do not work because you will lose fat but the toxins end up being concentrated. Your body must then protect itself again by storing more fat around the toxins).

This being said alkalizing your system is great (because your optimal pH is slightly alkaline – 7.4, and it is difficult for bacteria, parasites, infections, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and inflammation to survive in that environment), but as I stated earlier it is NOT a magic bullet for everyone or for all conditions. The facts are that everyone is different and their problems (weight especially) are due to different reasons. In many cases if you are not having success with a health concern then you should seek the advice of an EXPERT.