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JanetH: As I understand it, Working Groups were formed in the past as a safeguard to preserve knowledge in case of some kind of catastrophic event on Earth, and many or most of us on TLE are part of one or another Working Group. ideal gas definition chemistry What does it mean for someone to be "Active" in a given lifetime in the absence of such an occurrence? Are some individuals the ones actively collecting information on behalf of the Working Group, while others are not active in that function in certain lifetimes?

MEntity: There are no Sentient Beings without sexual energy, but what most refer to as "sexual" in a lifetime is a fraction of a fraction of the spectrum of what is truly Sexual. Asexuality is a misnomer to describe those who do not have a need to stimulate their genitalia as a means of connecting or bonding to someone. However, those who are asexual are in no way disconnected from a range of affections and attractions and energy exchanges that can be shared and mutual.

MEntity: The Nature of the Saturnian Body Type has as its primary struggle and strength its constant and careful navigation of life in terms of ENDURANCE, or the constant weighing between when to continue pushing and when to pull back. Saturnian Body Types are in a constant flux of assessment regarding how far they can go and when to stop, especially when issues regarding righteousness, perfection, justice, and being right are being processed.

MEntity: The wounds that tend to remain until the Causal tend to be collective psychic wounds that have "damaged" the Causal Body. c gastronomie plateaux repas These are wounds that cannot be healed by making sense of them or understanding them or seeing them from a higher perspective. gas up These are wounds that there is no capacity for healing while Physical or even Astral. Only upon full integration of the Entity and the beginning of the merging of the Cadre can some events finally gain the perspective necessary for full healing.

MEntity: We still cannot and will not predict. We can say that probabilities continue to grow in favor of dismantling the power structure in place at the moment, but we are still uncertain as to how that will come about. 2020 still stands as the pivotal year for many converging Sequences that can become much more tangible and obvious Vectors from there.

DianeHB: Tex: In a previous session, you said, “There is nothing NOT of Love…Love is the gravity of relationships, planets, orbits, galaxies, universes, molecules, etc. electricity and magnetism study guide answers This is not poetic. This is simply true. gas vs electric oven cost There may be more scientific terms used to differentiate these various forms of gravity, but all of it is Love.” If I understand correctly, we have 3 things here that are equivalent: Love, Consciousness, and Energy. gas oil ratio for leaf blower I would like to know, how does matter/physicality arise or get created from this Love/Consciousness/Energy?

MEntity: Matter and Physicality do not get created from these. They ARE these. Though we know this is not quite the correct term, it is only a matter of frequency/vibration. That is misleading, but fair for a quick response. electricity for beginners pdf We may have limited terms, but we can explore this further and more specifically when the channel has more consciousness and energy, himself.