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Micro Cybertronians fall into three separate classifications: Micromasters (マイクロトランスフォーマー Micro Transformer), small but otherwise normal Transformers; Micromaster Sixteams (マイクロマスター Micromaster), who can combine in groups of six into larger robots; and Mini-Cons (マイクロン Micron), who convert into weapons and equipment for larger Transformers to wield.

The story of these tiny Transformers gas key staking tool began during the four-million-year period that followed Optimus Prime and Megatron’s departure from Cybertron. A large number of the planet’s non-transforming Autobot Cyberdroid population, unable to contribute to the war effort in any meaningful way due to their diminutive height and lack of conversion capabilities, decided instead to leave their homeworld and search for Optimus and the lost Matrix of Leadership. Most of their number were placed in hibernation capsules for the long space voyage, but this did not protect them from what was to come: partway into their journey, the Cyberdroids’ ship was stuck by a dimensional shockwave, which catapulted them across the galaxy to the planet Earth in the early 1980s. The shockwave mutated and evolved their tiny bodies, granting them the ability to transform, but it also corrupted the minds of several of the crew, turning them into Decepticons. Adopting Earthly vehicular forms to hide on the strange new planet they now found themselves on, the Autobot Micromaster Liner Team and Turbo Team searched Earth for any sign of Optimus Prime, while simultaneously working to awaken the still-hibernating forms of their brethren before the Decepticon Micromaster Wing Team could seize the capsules and convert the tiny ‘bots within to the side of evil. The Transformers: Micromaster Precisely how the Micromasters’ conflict on Earth played out is unknown; Optimus electricity and circuits class 6 pdf and Megatron’s forces awoke a few years after they arrived, and no information has been divulged about what happened to the Micromasters during this time. In the year 2035, however, the teams seen active during the early 80s conflict were still operative on Earth, defending it against the forces of Decepticon High Regent Scrash. Operation Combination

The development of Energon Z on Micro led to a military reinforcement program that saw the planet overhauled, refitted with a variety of new defense systems, and renamed Zone j gastroenterol impact factor. With the planet’s new strategic importance in the renewed war against supernatural enemies like Violen Jiger and Dark Nova, many high-ranking Autobots adopted alternate forms that could be used by Micromasters, like the Powered Masters and the Battlestars, who each also took on a personal Micromaster partner. Transformers: Zone Return of Convoy The Micromaster’ primary role was to make contact with other planets and races for the betterment of all; presumably their small, non-threatening forms were important in this task. Zone story page #5

Following Dark Nova’s defeat, the Autobot Sky Patrol Team were chosen for the Autobots’ Power Core Combination process. Three of their number were upgraded into full-size Master Class Transformer bodies able to combine with drone units to form even larger, more powerful robots. Unfortunately, while he did not undergo the process, team leader Eagle Eye defected to the Decepticons and took knowledge of the new technology with him, enabling the villains to create their own Master Chaos warriors, who were then used m gastrocnemius medialis by Scrash in his 2035 campaign. Transformers United EX

Having begun life as Autobots, this is the allegiance most Micro ‘bots retain. Aside from those turned into Decepticons by the dimensional shockwave, and the teams that those converts then themselves converted (who would all apparently regain their original Autobot allegiance by 2035 anyway), and the defector Eagle Eye, there is only one known Decepticon Micromaster team: the Race Track Patrol Team, who were known to have willingly betrayed their Autobot comrades and joined Violen Jiger’s forces. Zone story page #9

Micromaster technology was developed over 3.5 million years ago in response to the dwindling energy resources on Cybertron. With Autobot and Decepticon soldiers shutting down across the planet, both sides got to work developing smaller, energy-efficient bodies for the sake of continuing the war. More than Meets the Eye #8 At the earliest stages, this involved downsizing troops. However, the process was unrefined, posing a danger to applicants, and worse than that, inefficient.

Of course, the program soon fell apart, and Little Iacon fell into rioting, later labeled the Meltdown Riots by the Micromasters, Victims of the Revolution with both sides swooping in to grab whoever they could. This resulted in a generation of new Autobots and Decepticons hesitant to fight against those they’d been friends with, for a cause that only saw them as another step in the war. Little Iacon soon degenerated into a ghetto for the Micromasters to hang out and ignore the war entirely.

Over time, friction began to grow between some of the Micromasters and the Guzzlers. The Decepticons, to no-one’s surprise, frequently bullied or belittled their smaller comrades, often finding ways to deprive them of energon. Destined for Nothing Or in some cases, just killed them for the small amount of energon they carried. The Gray Race

On his return to Cybertron, the ambitious Skystalker tried sgas belfast to engineer the deaths of the larger mechanoids, only for his nemesis Countdown to talk them into presenting a unified front against the Decepticons. Once that was over, Countdown feared the brief alliance would disintegrate. His attempts at talking Big Daddy into helping maintain it went nowhere, though Victims of the Revolution

The Micromasters were the results of Jhiaxus modifying the organic inhabitants of Gorlam Prime to be able to exist in both the universe and Dead Universe in anticipation of the Expansion. Spotlight: Hardhead The Sports Car Patrol confronted Nightbeat beneath Gorlam Prime. Spotlight: Nightbeat Nightbeat and Hardhead returned to find the population frozen in a transitional, technorganic state. They were pursued by many Micromasters. Spotlight: Hardhead Jhiaxus’ Micromaster lackeys were last seen being dismembered by Arcee. The inhabitants of Gorlam Prime eventually emerged from their chrysalis state in new, apparently wholly mechanical, bodies. They renamed their planet Cybertron. Spotlight: Sideswipe

Meanwhile, the inhabitants of Devisiun evolved into a civilization of small combining twins. While linked gas urban dictionary to Metroplex’s mind, Windblade caught a glimpse of Fireshot and Vanquish separating from each other on their homeworld. Windblade vol. 1 #4 Along with several other Cybertronian colonies, they were instrumental in the formation of the Council of Worlds. Windblade vol. 2 #6 Wings Universe

Eventually, however, the war was called to a close. With the full-sized Autobots and Decepticons too exhausted and fuel-inefficient to fight, the Micromasters were some of the only Builders still capable of independent movement. The gas mask art Builders looked down on the Micromasters as a new manual and military class, and though they were still considered Builders, Micromasters were not initially allowed to serve on the Builder Assembly. Identity Politics As energy rations ran low, the Micromasters founded Micropolis, a permanent cross-factional conglomeration of Micromaster bases which eventually grew into a full-fledged, Micromaster-scaled city. Hot Rod was one of the very few Builders to undergo the downsizing process. Inspired by his example, members of the Aerialbots, Constructicons, and Protectobots would do the same over the next seventy years. As a consequence of the low energy supplies, all Micromasters were kept at a quarter of full energon rations. Micro-Aggressions

When the Maximals and Predacons appeared on the scene, the Micromasters were made superior to their more energy-efficient successors. In instances where both sides went off-world, Micromasters served as political officers, making sure both toed the line while making sure neither worked together. Intersectionality Additionally Micromasters served as guards on important facilities such as Fortress Maximus or the Forever Vaults, rather than Maximals or Predacons. Broken Windshields Head Games Micro-Aggressions When the Grand Uprising began, all Micromasters got bumped up to half-rations to better combat the growing Resistance. Micro-Aggressions The various Micromaster o goshi technique armies were pushed back all across Cybertron by Megatron’s Beast Upgrade. Safe Spaces The war between Resistance and Builder took an unexpected turn when Vehicons were introduced to the mix. Under Hot Rod’s command, the surviving Micromasters allied themselves with the Army of the Resistance to fend off the attack. After the conclusion of the first Vehicon Apocalypse, full-sized Builders were almost extinct, but Micromasters remained to carry on their legacy alongside the Maximals and Predacons. Derailment Full-sized Micromasters