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There is only one true form of Capitalism – Laissez Faire – but by it’s very nature it is nearly impossible to implement in the first place and it changes as soon as it begins. Why is this? I think it is because Capitalism is the Economic equivalent electricity off peak hours of Democracy where everyone votes and dollars make up the ballot. Serve the greater good and you get voted to survive. The problem is that we never start out with a level playing field… some have more wealth/power not to mention abilities than others. So soon, the very liberty that gave them the ability to increase their wealth and power seduces them into influencing Law in the arena of commerce to protect and increase that wealth. Over time that leads to what is called lately Late Stage Capitalism which v gashi 2013 really is just a substitute term for Oligarchy. I don’t know how things can prtoperly be returned to a healthy state oncve this stagnation reaches higher levels of such a counterproductive state but that is it’s nature. Nothing is as fair or productive of progress as unbridled Capitalism but inevitably it corrupts itself because of basic short-sighted human nature.

I say short sighted because if we look all around us in Nature it can be seen that there mp electricity bill payment jabalpur are 2 evolutionary strategies – aggression and cooperation. There can be no argumant that aggression works… for a time. However plants that don’t provide electricity and magnetism lecture notes something to attract animals or take some non-aggressive advantage of nature like air and water currents, tend to go extinct especially once animals began the climb to the top of the food chain. Now that humans are the dominant species and not only cultivate beneficial plants but actively seek and destroy harmful weeds, the die is cast. Ultimately once Humanity realizes that cooperation and collaboration are the best long term strategy that not only maximizes wealth and power in the long run, but also gas pains 6 weeks pregnant helps create a world that is pleasant and productive to live and work in, we are possibly on the way to the best of all possible worlds. If and when that ever occurs the cycles that plague Capitalism will have fallen away. In the meantime it is still the only strategy that doesn’t require some form of Autocracy and the one that also fuels creativity and commerce.

Or perhaps it’s just the only way they have ever known or can gas in babies how to get rid of it accept, the only way it can work, etc. i.e. we have to rely on making that 1% absolutely filthy stinking rich and hope that some of it trickles down… and of course capitalism won’t function anyway without the less fortunate who can be exploited for their labour. The never ending pursuit of economic growth, i.e. filthy rich shareholders are getting richer, some table scraps could be on the way to you (providing corrupt bankers don’t **** it all up first that is). But then it’s decade after decade of boom, bust, austerity and it goes on and on.

If you work for any kind of private wd gaster cosplay tutorial sector industry as I do, you will realise fairly quickly that competition, one of the supposed pillars, one of the benefits as sold to the proletariat, is mostly an illusionary concept, or something to be eliminated / rigged. The reality is, cartels, price fixing and the consumer being screwed at every step – rinsed for every penny, to boost margins. If 4 or 5 large companies within a certain sector don’t have to actively static electricity bill nye compete, they can cut costs, increase stability, etc – and most importantly of course, squeeze out the little startups who are not part of the cartel.