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I read you book last year about killing Pluto and I have to say I really enjoyed it. q gas station cleveland ohio I like that even though I am not a PHD I was able to follow all the explanations and information in your book. I really felt that through reading your book that you were witty, intelligent and honorable. I kind of felt that even though we’d never met that I had found a friend and a person I could respect. I was very disappointed when, toward the end of you book, that you choose to imply that creationism is absurd and to entertain it as reality is ridiculous. You didn’t use those words but, that was the implication. I was actually hurt. gas exchange in the lungs occurs due to Here I was reading a book on a subject that I enjoy, and while I expected that you would not be Christian, I didn’t expect such a disrespectful written slap in the face to something that I hold sacred. I know that that is an outdated idea now a days, to hold something sacred but, I do hold my faith sacred to me and you lost my respect. And I am sure that you lost the respect of other people as well. Such actions are not that of a respectful and honorable person.

As for the common complaint that Science does not leave room for Faith… I could refer you to Global Cooling / Global Warming / Climate Change; where some of the same people have insisted that Science proves that the world will have another ice age, and/or an extended hot age, both due to Mankind’s irresponsible (sinfull?) actions. They ask you to believe their "computer models" and "data", while refusing to let anyone see the actual, "uncorrected" data or the source code for the models. v gas llc We just have to take it on faith… there’s that word again!

If we can step back, and actually look at how the Universe is organized, it’s clear that it does not /require/ outside intervention to keep it going. The northern hemisphere of the Earth warms in the Spring, not by Divine Decree, but because the Sun is up higher and longer. The planets (even Pluto and Eris) move in their courses without Divine guidance. To say this is not to deny that there is an Organizer, but to acknowledge that He is good at it; it works without constant tinkering to keep it going. (Would you buy a car that needed a mechanic on duty at all times to keep it working?) The apparent absence of His actions is to His credit, not evidence of His non-existence.

But suppose you want Scientific evidence of His existence. Surely He left His fingerprints somewhere, if only to sign His work? Read the first part of Genesis, with the Big Bang (etc.) in mind. Obviously, ignorant savages aren’t going to fully comprehend nuclear physics, quantum theory, or Multiverse Membrane blah-blah. Me neither. So turn it down a bit; make a "children’s version" that’s recognisable, but re-phrased to suit the audience. gas variables pogil worksheet answers According to the Big Bang theory, at first there was no light (In the beginning, there was darkness…). Then, at some point there was. ("Fiat Lux!") Substitute plasma, gas, dust; gravitational and magnetic fields with "waters", and you can separate the "waters" above from the "waters" below as planetesimals accrete. electric utility companies in florida And so it goes; creatures appear *in their proper order*, and Mankind names them. If you look at Genesis as a beginner’s guide to local cosmology, it tracks pretty well. Well enough to be more than random… well enough to suggest that it’s a story, with a Storyteller. 😉 Delete

Seriously guys… a film like "Melancholia" is science fantasy, not a government conspiracy to repress the truth. Further, science and religion aren’t mutually exclusive… but if you actually start studying science at the university/grad school level… you’ll start to see why the finer points of religion don’t hold up very well to any prolonged or rigorous scrutiny.

It should strike people as troubling that for a scientist to be able to write or blog with any authority, he has to earn a Ph.D. (from a competitive university) and contribute to furthering current scientific understanding (a very difficult undertaking that requires a lifetime’s worth of work in a peer-reviewed setting, with your work vetted by the brightest minds in your field). But for a pastor/minister/rabbi/imam/religious figure… they only have to go to a religious school / bible college / madrassa (of variable to potentially zero credibility), and have to prove nothing in any sort of peer-reviewed setting. And yet, few people bat an eyelid that so many trust these religious leaders blindly… hell, even give them money, or their lives even (suicide bombers, for example). Reply Delete

Sorry if this is off-topic. gas smoker recipes I just finished reading your book, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. Reading about the transition to the digital astronomy was very interesting for me. I remember reading James Herriot’s books a long time ago, I was similarly fascinated by his description of the many major transitions going on in his profession (okay, now this is definitely off-topic). gas pump icon I’m going to remember the part about the sign language for infants — for the future, just in case.

I couldn’t help wondering about a couple of things. One is when you mention that the coordinates of Xena and Easterbunny were found by someone else as well and sent to "the place where you announce discoveries". Does that mean that it was sent anonymously? Because if it was sent by the same Spanish team, I think nobody would be able to argue a coincidence. Also, does it mean that if the authorities had formally followed the protocol, the guys who sent the announcement would have been recognized (at least initially) as the discoverers of Xena and Easterbunny?

The second thing is that I couldn’t help thinking that maybe it would have been possible to use more advanced methods than flipping between two images to detect the differences. Morphological image processing was well developed at that time already, so wouldn’t it make sense to, say, find morphological components in the image and discard the artifacts based on their shape measurements?