Mike d’antoni on rockets very bad loss we ‘played soft’ arkansas gas tax


The Rockets captured a closely-fought Game Four but were outclassed in Game Five back in Boston, losing 109-80 and then surrendered Game Six on home court as the Celtics won 102-91. Anything goes, anything’s possible. "This next one, we’ve got to go get it". And the next time the Warriors’ defense goes a long stretch with constant breakdowns in games of importance will be the first in this era.

Additionally, it would put a lot of pressure on a Warriors team that hasn’t seen a lot of close calls in the past few years. He scored 37 points in the series opener and added 38 points in Game 2, making 55.1 percent of his field goals and shooting six-of-13 from three-point range. They are damn near impossible to beat in their own building, but the Rockets will have to do it at least once if they want to win the series.

The West finals now hinge on whether the Rockets, blasted by D’Antoni for their " soft" play, have the requisite composure to prevent Curry’s game-changing run from becoming a series-tilting sequence. That Game 6 loss was distressing both because of the final score and because of its finality. Curry says his knee injury from three months ago is fine, although he’s about to play only his seventh playoff game. "He’s aggressive and we need to feed off that focus and determination". To be honest, we don’t know what’s wrong with Paul.

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To then go to a club where the supporters have acted as they have in the past season, no way he would lay himself open to that. The club and David Moyes went their separate ways this week, and the team will be actively seeking his replacement. 5/18/2018

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