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To those who have kept visiting this site in recent years, thank you. electricity notes for class 10 I cant believe that it still gets the attention that it does. To make a long story short, I no longer collect bottles like I used to. I have since downgraded and sold almost every bottle that I have listed on this site. I do still collect but I am very selective about what I keep. gas lighting If you are trying to contact me regarding a specific example, chances are that it has since sold. I will be removing certain things from this site as including a few videos as Ive either gotten the request to have them removed by the other parties involved or for the simple fact that I don’t associate with certain people anymore. Its been a crazy ride and it was fun while it lasted.

The site will remain up, minus the few bits I mentioned earlier but I will no longer be making updates. What is on this site was only about 10% of the blob tops I had by the time i got rid of them and to this day I sometimes find examples that I haven’t seen before. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to complete the site, but life has a funny way of changing a person. Peace!

Many of the bottles on this website are dug in areas of New York’s forgotten past, mostly from old landfills and dumps. But what landowners and construction workers don’t know is that every location that dates back to the 1870s or older may contain a treasure trove of bottles, pottery, and other relics right under their feet. gas tax in washington state Virtually every backyard and or basement in Manhattan, and most neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island will have 2 things: A Privy, which was used for sanitation, and A Cistern, which was used for storing rain water. Both of these structures were essential back then because sewage systems and garbage disposal were nearly non existent. Each Cistern AND Privy will contain relics and bottles dating back from the era in which it was built (going as far back as the 1790s) all the way up to the 1870s (when the sewage system was built). For other areas outside of New York City, the story is pretty much the same, except for the fact that the structures could have been used much later into the early 1900s. gas bubble in throat For Philadelphia, outhouses tend to be much deeper and filled with treasures as well.

Many homeowners and construction workers dont pay any attention to the potential treasure trove that could be excavated through a very simple process. But with the homeowner or builder’s permission we could save history. These are the steps which would be taken if we would receive permission for a dig (We have all of the tools and maps necessary for the process):

Second, we would use a tool known as a "probe", a five foot long steel rod to check the soil in the backyard or basement to locate the Cistern and Privy (which would have been lined with either wood, bricks, or stone). bp gas prices The contents of an old Privy or Cistern would be ash, allowing the probe to gently sink into the ground, as opposed to regular soil. The probe also brings up a sample so that we can be sure exactly where the structures were located.

Fifth, we equally share the treasure with the homeowners and every party involved. Sometimes there could be so many artifacts in one structure that every party involved goes home with dozens of bottles. The best part about the whole process is finding out the history of the people who lived in that dwelling. We could tell their living habits, what they drank, if children were present, and if they were sick or healthy, just by the treasures that we find.

For those of you who don’t know who I am my name is Mike AKA Chinchillaman1. electricity vs gasoline I’m a Youtube Bottle Digger so to speak which means that I collect bottles and post the videos of various digs or elements of my collection onto Youtube. This site is for those who want to get into the hobby of bottle hunting, metal detecting or any treasure hunting hobby in general, or for those who want to find out about the history of bottles that they might already own. Ive been a collector for five years and my goal is to find out about the histories of all of the bottles that I have, local especially. If you’d like to view my bottle digging channel here is the link:

If it says no info on this bottle, this means that I couldn’t find any information about the bottle in any books or on the internet, some bottle and brewing companies weren’t as popular as others and little information was recorded. / ALL CONTENT ON THIS WEBSITE IS COPYRIGHTED. PRIVY & CISTERN RELICS: Bottles, Coins, Buttons, Civil War Bullets, Marbles, Pipes