Millburn board candidates air full menu of ideas at short hills association forum – tapinto n gas price


Kasdon wants to engage the communty more with the board of education. As the parent of a special education student, he said he had difficulty several years ago bringing his concerns before the school board. He also said resident concerns about decreasing NJ Ask scores, increasing class sizes and allocations of non-resident students attending township m gastrocnemius medialis schools were criticized by the school body rather than addressed.

Responding to a question about Millburn’s recent drop in school rankings in state publications, Gray said New Jersey Monthly had Millburn fifth for 2014, up from eighth the previous year. The only area school ahead of Millburn, he said, was Chatham, and the township schools were ahead of New Providence, last year’s first place school, and Summit.

Liu said the focus should not be so much on ranking but on what the school district can learn from them. He said Chatham, ranked first, has a better student-faculty ratio, but that is an econmic issue about which little can be done. Milllburn college admissions stand at 88 percent with Chatham’s at 92 percent, he said, but couldn’t understand this when 98 percent of Millburn students go onto four-year colleges.

Truittt said Millburn always has ranked high academically. This year it was ranked second for districts with the number of students j gastroenterol impact factor taking at least one advanced placement course and. hghest in the number of students scoring at least 1550 in the state on the test. Chatham, she said, was not even in the top 10 in Inside Jersey rankings and continues to rank high in US News and World Report assessment.

Kasdon, cifing a recent statement by Waters that the majority of students attending Millburn schools were proven to be residents, said the board has yet to provide data on how many non-residents students there are, who they are and whether the board will go after reimbursement from those grade 9 electricity unit test whose children are in the township schools illegally. He said if the township district cannot afford courtesy busing how can it afford to have non-resident sgas belfast students in its schools.

As a CPA, he said he didn’t don’t know how these figures were arrived at. He said non-residents should be removed from the schools or their parents should reimburse the district for tuition in order to stop non-resident students from taking places in the schools and in AP courses which can help more township resident students get into the better colleges.

Sharma said the board should have pro-actively gotten non-residents out of the schools rather than waiting for the public to raise the issue. She said a definite system should be put in place to track registrations, the system should be audited, and gas pain corrective action should be taken against illegal students who were found out duing the audit.

Truitt agreed non-residents should not be in township schools. However, figures presented by some residents, she said, were exaggerated and some untrue. She said the board instituted the toughest registration policy in 15 years, asked for a report from Verify Residence, which then was verified by school staffers, including a professional statistician, Many students thought to be non-residents had different homes and different last names due to divorce, she added. In addition, the district reregisterd three grades in full and every year the board and district are moving to total reregistration in every grade.

Sharma-There should be open communication for all points of view. A healthy relationship among the administration, board gas exchange in the lungs happens by the process of and publlic—don’t create barriers. If the board cannot answer a question at a meeting the answer should be posted on the website in two weeks. Board meetings should be returned to the schools. There should be a section of the website where views can be posted anonymously so there can be a fair exchange of ideas.

Trutt—The vast majority of board members work in a collegial and colloborative atmosphere Those residents who are satisfied are often content to stay home on Monday evenings with their familes, Those who are not satisfied come to board. meetings. They still have a right come and the board will listen. Board members post their email and home addresses on the website.

Kasdon—The contentious atmosphere on the board caused me to run. I am for transparency, accountability and public engagement. The doom and gloom on the budget is misplaced. We have $11 million to spend. We should focus on what money we need to spend on our schools and stop dancing around the issues. Bring the budget vote back to the public. if questioned at a board meeting I will answer the electricity in india travel question and not use confidentiallity to block informing the public.