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Millennials are making money moves in business, social activism and pop culture, but something that we may overlook is how this generation women are ROCKING IT at Beauty, Brains, Business, and MOTHERHOOD!! Here are few of the Maven Moms in the D!

• Favorite Mom Moment: I had maybe $23 to my name, my gas tank was half full, I was hungry and was behind on my car note. Porter was in the back seat, he had grown out of his car seat and I hadn’t bought him a new one so he sat buckled in with the knowledge not to touch the door. “Sir Porter?” I looked in the rearview Mirror to make sure he had acknowledged my call., Yes, Mommy..“Do you love me?” Yes. “Do you trust me ?” Yes. “Do you believe in me?” Yes. That’s all I needed.

• Best Mom Advice: “Right out the gate — determine the core values and lessons you want your children to learn in life. From there, develop a roadmap to get your kids there but be flexible!! In the last five years, I have truly learned that motherhood is full of wonderful surprises and nothing lasts forever, and that goes for both the ups and downs. So just try to enjoy the ride, be in the moment and keep guiding them back to those core values that will eventually influence who they become.”

• Favorite MOM moment: Wow! There are so many! But since I must choose one, I would say it was the day my son met his sister for the first time. Watching his face light up with excitement and curiosity was wonderful to see. Since then, he has really taken to his role as her “big brother,” and they move along in life as if they are connected at the hip.

• MOM Type: While THE Clair Huxtable (The mother who had it all – a well put together woman with a thriving career, fun spirit, quick wit, and a close-knit family) is always the goal. In my own warm and creative way, I aim to keep my family feeling loved and laughing while we navigate through life’s challenges and adventures.

• Best Mom Advice: “My advice would be to remain open-minded. As a parent, you should spend as much time as you can on experiences : learning experiences, going out to have fun, and quality time. Expose your children to the world through travel, books and people so that they are open to all the possibilities for their future.”

• Favorit Mom Moment: “My son has always loved social studies and when he was very young, he was constantly reading about presidents. For his 8th birthday, we took a trip to Washington, D.C. We took a tour of the US Capitol, visited a few Smithsonian museums, saw the White House, The Supreme Court and countless other monuments. We went to some wonderful restaurants, saw a movie, went for a Washington Wizards game and toured Nationals Park. It was a jam-packed four days and on the train to the airport, he hugged me and told me that it was the best trip ever. We’ve taken several birthday trips, but I’ll always remember that one.”

• Favorite Mom Moment: I was working with the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee in San Francisco and was tasked with organizing over 200 VIP gift boxes overnight. Dorian stayed up as long as his little body could take it, trying to help with all of my work. My 6 year old truly thought that if he didn’t stay up the work would not get done. Working on the biggest project of my life, in a new city, with him by my side was stressful, but amazing!

• Mom Type: Clair Huxtable, Beyonce or Cardi B: Beyonce Huxtable, I love Clair Huxtable and can relate to her in many ways as a professional and mother, but she just doesn’t have enough fun for me and needs to be a little more entrepreneurial and edgy, so I had to throw Queen B in there to bring in the FIERCE! =)

• Best Mom Advice: Allow your children to be their own individual person. Never compare your children to their siblings. Take away electronic devices please, the worst mistake that I ever made was allowing my children to spend too much time gaming and surfing the internet. Make them read, read, read and use their imagination. Make them use their abilities to build businesses and get them involved earlier in community service.

• Favorite Mom Moment: “One day I was teaching my sons how to create social media content. I showed them a picture of an inspiration box. I asked them, what’s in your inspiration box. My oldest son Rashard, looked at me and said, “You are” OMG I actually cried. It was the most fulfilling feeling knowing that I made it in my sons inspiration box. My second oldest son Nathan is my protector. During a school meeting just last week, he told his teachers that he wanted to operate his mother business when he got older and that he could not sleep unless I’m home safe. He always makes me feel so special, he’s always the first at the door when I come home. Lastly, my daughter Tia, I discovered that I was saved in her phone as Superwoman. It’s certainly rewarding for any mother to know that they’re a positive influence and role model in their child’s life. I love them all equally!”

• Mom Type: “I’m a Millennial mom which means I’m a remix of Clair, Beyonce and Card B. Clair most certainly had an elegance about her self, a clever mother and a notable profession. Bey is such a powerhouse with a whole lot of class and whole lot of swag and a whole lot of ambition and Cardi B is the underdog whose making money moves, she’s willing to Hustla!!! I see each of them in me. I’m certainly trying to make these money moves!”

Impact Leader in Women’s Empowerment, Entrepreneurial Activist and Brand Strategist : “I build and strategize on the enterprising brands of women, creating economic opportunities for women through global scale empowerment and developing ecosystems for women allowing them to authentically network through business and life.

Best Mom Advice: “Motherhood was new territory for me, it was stamped in my mind that it was going to be impossible being a driven career woman and a mother. I still wanted to complete my goals, but I want to be the best mom. Women are constantly revolutionizing motherhood, but what’s most important in that is how we define it for ourselves – not how society defines it for us.”

Favorite Mom Moment: “Everyday is an adventure being an entrepreneurial mom, but one moment sticks out the most. My son’s first year, I stayed at home with him and ran my businesses – which was the hardest year of my life. I was on a call with the U.S. Embassy about an opportunity to speak overseas and he was laughing, screaming and taking off his diaper in the background while I was turning on mute so they couldn’t hear him. I was able to share with them that I was a stay-at-home-mom while maintaining several businesses, to my surprise they understood and commended me. I ended up taking my son with me on that international trip and every trip there after redefining what womanhood and motherhood is to me unapologetically.”

• Favorite Mom Moment: “One of my favorite mom moments was after the birth of my second son. I watch my oldest son Ricky and my youngest son say “I love you” to each other all the time and no matter how many times they say it, (even after they fight) it warms my heart. There is something about watching your children love on each other!”