Mills, efficiency maine partner on electric vehicle initiatives what are the 4 gas giants in the solar system


The initiatives are in part the result of a $5.1 million settle with Volkswagen won last year by Mills when she was attorney general. The initiatives will have a variety of results, from lowering municipal and nonprofit costs f gas certification logo, help reduce the state’s carbon footprint and boost tourism, according to Thursday news release from Mills’ office.

Approximately half of the $5.1 million will be used for a financial incentive program to help public agencies and organizations that serve the elderly, low-income Mainers and Mainers with special needs to buy electric vehicles. Efficiency Maine estimates that the money will be sufficient to leverage local funding for 100 gas pump icon new electric vehicles being used in local communities, lowering the operating costs of those fleets and raising visibility and awareness of the vehicles and their benefits, the release said.

The other half of the $5.1 million 93 gas near me will be used for a rebate program for residents and businesses that buy electric vehicles. Efficiency Maine estimates the program, which will be modeled on those in use in other states, will lead to purchase of approximately 900 electric vehicles, which would more than double what’s on Maine roads, the release said.

Maine people shell out five billion dollars a year to out-of-state fossil fuel companies, and a lot of that money is spent on gas for vehicles that just becomes carbon dioxide tgask pumped into our atmosphere, Mills said in the release. We can do better. It is time to usher in the next generation of technologies that will move our state towards a renewable future.

These initiatives are a critical step in that direction. By increasing our use of electric vehicles and building out the clean energy infrastructure to support them, Maine is making substantial and meaningful progress in transitioning gas in back and stomach us away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy sources, which will help slash carbon emissions and combat climate change. I am glad to see this money I won as Attorney General put gas works park seattle to good use for Maine people. Combined results expected

The Office of the Attorney General brought this suit against Volkswagen because they intentionally violated auto emissions standards, allowing up to 35 times the legal limit of harmful nitrogen oxide pollutants into the air, said Attorney General Aaron Frey. The funds from the state’s settlement with Volkswagen are to be used to benefit Maine’s environment, and this electric vehicle initiative gas finder rochester ny will do just that.

To help build out the transportation infrastructure to serve the growing number of electric electricity song lyrics vehicles which will spur tourism, benefit the Maine economy, and protect the environment, Efficiency Maine said that it will issue in April a competitive solicitation for bids to install 50 to 60 electric vehicle charging stations across the state at public properties, workplaces or multi-unit dwellings.

Additionally, it will complement the parallel efforts underway at Efficiency Maine to develop a network of DC fast chargers that can deliver up to 250 miles of range per hour, which will serve Mainers making longer, in-state day-trips and connect Maine’s major corridors and destinations to the growing number of EV drivers traveling on business gas 99 cents a litre or vacation from Quebec, New Hampshire and Southern New England, the release said.

These funds will enable the state of Maine to jump start the EV charging infrastructure across the state, benefiting our environment and reducing Mainers’ reliance on fossil fuels to power their vehicles, said Bruce Van Note, commissioner of the Maine Department of Transportation, the agency that will fund the initiative through funding gas utility worker provided by the federal government’s settlement against VW.