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The District head quarter is at Karnal. The district is divided into two Sub Divisions, 5 tehsils and 3 sub tehsils. It has 434 villages. The total population is 12,74,843. Wheat and Rice are the main crops. The area is fertile and pollution free. The District is situated on G.T. Road. Some area of tehsil Indri and Gharaunda fall on the western bank of River Yamuna. Functioning Of Deputy Commissioner gas gas’s Office

There are 14 branches which deal with various types of work assigned to them. Incharge of each branch is an official of Assistant rank. A citizen charter has been published which shows the nature of working of each branch in relation to public dealing and also elaborates the charge Govt. fees to be deposited, procedure adopted for accomplishment of work and gas 87 89 93 this time frame fixed for the same. The rules and instructions of the Govt. governing the working are contained in the District Office Manual which is maintained gas meter car by the Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent and is always available to the members of the public besides this instructions are revised from time to time and the same are maintained by each branch separately and are readily available to public on demand. Acts/Rules have been maintained in the Mini Sectt. in the court Room of Ld. D.C. and also with various other gas ks officers/branches as per their requirement. A District library has also been opened in Karnal where all such Acts/Rules are available for General Public.

Certified copies of other information is immediately supplied to the public on demand immediately. A separate register has been maintained for receipt and disposal of application under Right to Information Act, 2005. The information is supplied within the time frame fixed under the provision of the Act. The electricity bill bihar electricity board following Officers have been appointed as District Public Information Officers and Assistant Public Information Officers for Deputy Commissioner’s office as well as Sub divisional Magistrate offices. Branches Of Commissioner’s Office Sr.No

This branch deals with posting transfers, maintenance of service record and grant of salary and other allowances to the employees of this office. The branch is governed by Civil Service Rules applicable to Haryana State. These rules are available in the static electricity in the body effects office for access of the public and are also available in the market. This branch is under officer incharge ship of City Magistrate, Karnal. Complaint and Inquiry Branch (CE)

This branch mainly deals with the redressal of grievances of the public. Any body can make a complaint to this branch for redressal of grievances. The action is promptly taken by this branch and applicants are informed. Serious complaints are put up before the District Grievances Committee which meets once in a month in Panchayat Bhawan Karnal under the chairmanship of Hon’ble Minister of Haryana Govt. Ld. D.C. is the gas constant in atm vice President of this committee. There are also official and non official members of this committee, list of the same is available in the complaint branch of D.C. office. This branch is under the officer incharge ship of City Magistrate, Karnal. Miscellaneous Branch

This branch is mainly dealing with grant of licences for Cinemas, permit for holding public shows gas works park events, public meeting, public gathering, establishment of public press, appointment of duty magistrates and other matter relating to maintenance of law and order. Haryana Cinemas Regulation Act, Cable TV regulation Act, Press Act etc. are available in the M.A. Branch for gas in chest access of the public. This branch is under the officer incharge ship of City Magistrate, Karnal. Nazarat Branch

This branch is entrusted with the work of supervising the working of Municipal Council and Municipal Committees in the district. The budget of Municipal Council and Municipal Committees are passed by D.C./Commissioner Rohtak Division, Rohtak. The D.C. exercises the control over the working of Municipal Committees in various sections for example 245,246,247,248 maharashtra electricity e bill payment section 99 Haryana Municipal Act of Municipal Account Code. The working is governed by the provision of Haryana Municipal Act/Rules. These books are available with the Local Fund Branch for perusal of the member of the public. This branch is located in room No 7. This branch is under the officer incharge ship of City Magistrate, Karnal. Copying Branch.

Certified copies of documents contained in the official record are issued to the member of the public on demand against prescribed fees by the copying branch. This branch is governed by copying agency manual which is always available with the copying branch located in room No 13 of Mini Secretariat. On urgent demand copies are supplied within 24 hours eseva electricity bill payment. This branch is under the officer inchargeship of City Magistrate, Karnal. Development Branch

This branch exercises control over the working of registration of documents by Sub Registrar. This branch also deals with granting of licences of deed writers and stamp venders. It also deals with refund cases of judicial stamp/court fees. It is under the officer inchargeship gaz 67 for sale of D.R.O. Karnal.10. L.P.A. branch.This branch deals with issue of new arms licence and renewal of old arms licence of prohibited bore. This branch gets report from S.P. Karnal and take action on the application as per provision of the Indian Arms Act 1959 and the rules framed there under. The act is available with L.P.A. branch for perusal of the member of the public. Ligh/Migh Branch

This branch deals with grant of loan for construction of house under lower income and middle income under Group Housing Scheme. For la gasolina in english the last some years no allotment has been received. At present this branch is engaged electricity words in recovery of loans already advanced. This branch is working under the officer inchargeship of D.R.O. Karnal. Development Branch

This branch stores the entire revenue record of the district which is always open for inspection to the members of the public on demand against prescribed fees of Rs. 10/-. This branch is under the officer inchargeship of D.R.O. Karnal. Lambardars/Sarbrah lambardars are appointed by the D.C. court. Subordinate offices are inspected by the Peshi Branch.