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2 vs. 2 minigames are minigames that have the player paired-up with another player. Players often need to work together and cooperate to beat these games. Mario Party 9 is the only Mario Party game (not counting Mario Party Advance) not to feature this category of minigames, but Shell Soccer qualifies as a 2 vs. 2 minigame.

Item minigames are games that a player can play to get an item. They are triggered by landing on an Item Space. If the player gets Baby Bowser, they get nothing. They only appear in Mario Party 2 and Mario Party 3. In Mario Party 2, the minigame played depends on what board is played on. In Mario Party 3, the Item Space may trigger a roulette to decide a minigame to be played. The below table displays information pertaining to which board has which item minigame is played in which board in Mario Party 2.

Bowser minigames are Bowser’s own minigames. Bowser minigames are often extremely unfair to the players, as Bowser makes all the rules. Bowser minigames are also similar to 4-player and 1-vs-3 minigames (where the 1 is the player who lands on the Bowser Space), except that they produce a loser instead of a winner. The loser can lose Coins, Stars (if they have one, or more), or Items.

In Mario Party, Bowser Minigames are minigames where players compete against each other in a 4-player or 1-vs-3 minigame where each player that loses must hand over somewhere between 10-50 coins. If there are no losers due to the game not ending in the time limit, then Bowser steals coins from everyone.

In Mario Party 5, and Mario Party 6, and Mario Party 7, there are Bowser minigames where each player must survive attacks from Bowser and/or Koopa Kid (in Mario Party 7) in a given time limit and each player that does not survive loses. Each loser in the minigames loses either half or all of their coins, all of their items ( 5 and 6) or a star ( 7)

Also in Mario Party 7, there are single-player Bowser minigames where the one player who lands on the Bowser Space has to do various things to collect a key to escape from a dungeon before a time limit runs out. The penalty for losing is the same as in the Multiplayer Bowser minigames.

Battle minigames are minigames that take coins from all the players, then gives them back in different amounts based on the results. The amount of coins taken can go from 10 (later 5) to 50 coins per player. Unlike other minigames, the rank order is important – a player can still win some coins for being in second place. Like the 4-player minigames, most minigames are evenly matched between the four players.

In Mario Party 2, Mario Party 3, Mario Party 4, and Mario Party 9, battle minigames are played when a player lands on a Battle Space. From Mario Party 5 until Mario Party 8, battle minigames are not triggered when landing on any particular space (except for landing on a Battle Space in Mario Party 6’s Solo Mode), but instead played at the end of a turn, like a normal minigame. Here, players are able to vote on which battle minigame they want to play, out of a list of three battle minigames. The minigame that gets the most votes after each player has voted is the one played. If there is a tie in the votes between two minigames, the minigame with the least votes is played instead.