Mining symposium gives awards for safety, reclamation pi news gas in oil car


The top award – the Greenlands Award – went to Vindex Energy LCC for its A-34 Refuse Area, a 100-acre bond forfeiture site in Tucker County that electricity manipulation included a large, open-pit, exposed highwall and a substantial water treatment obligation. At the time of its forfeiture, the site represented the single largest liability to the state’s Special Reclamation Fund. In agreement with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, Vindex used the A-34 permit for the gas explosion in texas placement of mine refuse from an adjacent, active mining complex, eliminating the need to permit a new facility and allowing for the reclamation of the forfeited area electricity rates el paso.

Special Reclamation Award: Mountaineer Infrastructure, Cheyenne Coal Sales Site U-11-83 U2009-96 – Included the demolition of coal handling equipment and preparation plant, the reclamation of a coal refuse area and the elimination of multiple sources of acid mine drainage. After land reclamation was completed and new drainage control structures were gas zone pricing installed, water quality from the site improved dramatically, with several outlets now in compliance with effluent limitations.

AML South Reclamation Award: Collins Building Contracting, Sugarcamp Run Burning Refuse Site – A pre-law coal burning coal refuse hp gas online booking hyderabad site that included the excavation, removal and stabilization of 31,932 cubic yards of material and the installation of 11,310 feet of sediment and drainage control and the revegetation of 23 acres of land to a post-reclamation gas lighting land use of Wildlife Habitat.

AML Emergency Award: J.F. Allen Company, Sauls Run / Bennett gas efficient suv 2013 Landslide -200 feet long and 75 feet wide sudden landslide that developed along a pre-law mining area where excavated spoil was placed in uncontrolled manner. The landslide was threatening three residences and had already damaged the foundations and driveways of several homes. The reclamation involved the excavation of 45,000 cubic yards of material and the stabilization of the on q gas station okc area and installation of sediment and drainage control.

Valley Fill Construction Award: Southeastern Land, Twin Branch East – Construction of valley fills associated with a surface mine. By being innovative within the available resources, environmental impacts were kept to a minimum. This included over-stacking k electric bill payment online two existing fills to avoid impacts to jurisdictional waters and constructing an incised pond to reduce the impacts to jurisdictional waters.

Surface Mine Reclamation Award: JMAC Leasing, Briar Mountain Surface Mine – Operation and reclamation of a surface mine after encountering a substantial mine fire in the coal electric utility companies charge customers for reserves associated with the active mining area, drastically reducing the recoverable coal associated with original permit. The company continued the operation, isolating the mine fire and completed reclamation of the active areas gas laws worksheet answers and work.

Good Neighbor Award: Blue Creek Mining Company, Western Refuse Areas – Operation of a surface mining permit that was later converted for the placement of coarse coal refuse, eliminating the need for new disturbance. Blue Creek Mining, in conjunction with the electricity and circuits class 6 West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources and the 5 gases in the atmosphere federal Office of Surface Mining, hosted an Arbor Day event for local students to learn about forestry practices by planting trees on the reclaimed areas of the permit.